Game box art challenge?


Don’t hate :)


Funny how memory works. I didn’t know they call a pacifier a dummy in the UK, but that word alone triggered the recollection of the whole title :-P Never played the game though!

I’ll come back soon with a new cover from my personal collection.


This one should be easy!


Wallace and Gromit game?






Not Worms.


Nord and Bert Couldn’t Make Heads or Tails of It?


Is that a horse dressed up as a sheep?


Not Nord and Bert (I think I guessed that one before) and that’s a legit sheep!


Time for another not so helpful bit.


This is so wrong but, Desperados?


Freddy Pharkas!


@nijimeijer got it!


Okay, here we go:


No guesses? Second frame hopefully elicits a few!


Ha, took me a while to figure out that blue thing was the iris of an eye. Bad Mojo?


Indeed it is Bad Mojo! I wondered if I was giving away too much with the second frame, but given the cover art, it’s hard to decide what “too much” would mean.


Okay, here’s one not-so-known game from a well-known developer:


Ka-Boom 1998