Game box art challenge?


It’s from a time when I still bought boxed or DVD case in this case :( Magnificent game, mostly played it multi on GPGNet with a friend, there’s a sweet user driven community now that has it’s own version of a game lobby and it’s own balance mods and even added a new race through mods. Haven’t been able to play much but it was surprisingly polished last I checked.


And you’re right, of course!

It’s a great game on its own right, though I never got really engaged to the same level as with Total Annihilation back in the day. And I wish Gas Powered Games was still around improving the formula. Oh well.

Your turn, @Fortitudo !


Chris Taylor is making a new RTS, big words and hyperbole and all, I’m not holding my breath but cautiously optimistic:

I’ll see if I can dig up some old boxes or jewel case covers when I get home. Stay tuned.


One of my favorite games to date. Attempted to play it last year but ran into a game break bug about half way through :(


Dragon’s Lair?


Some Dracula game?


Nope and nope :)


Eye of the Beholder!


Well done! Best game ever!

nijimeijer take it away!


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a super high resolution scan of this one, so it’s gonna look a little shitty. Fortunately, the art is pretty simple, so it shouldn’t hamper guessing.


Shot 2:


Jeebus, no guesses. I loved this game (and the series, too).


Legacy of Kain.


That’s the name of the series. Say the name of the particular game!

(hint: it rhymes with “beaver”)


Soul Reaver, I believe.

There was more than one?


And there you go. ;)

Oh yes. Blood Omen, Soul Reaver, Defiance.


Soul Reaver it is!

The entire Kain series was super melodramatic, but fun, with a deep backstory and twists and turns to the antiheroes involved. Unfortunately, it was left unfinished, and not likely to return. Which is too bad.


Love the turtleneck, Kain.


Eeeep, did the challenge stall?


Paging @CraigM