Game box art challenge?




Ok this may be more obscure than I thought, I played it a long time ago and have had the box all this time so it’s very familiar to me. Come to think of it I haven’t heard much talk since I played it, lets jump ahead and reveal two more frames


Easy now not everyone all at once (jumping 2 steps ahead again)




Ooooh that does look extremely familiar. KULT?


Finally someone ventures a guess! But… it’s not KULT I’m afraid.

Posting last frame, only title and developer/publisher blocked out now.


Definitely never seen that one before!


oh no my bad sorry! I just looked it up and it is indeed KULT!

> KULT: The Temple of Flying Saucers is a graphic adventure game, released in 1989 by Exxos. The American version was sold under the title Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess

Take it away Khelavaster!


Ah, the old name-switcheroo trick! :-P

KULT is without a question one of the more bizarre adventures I’ve ever played. Your main companion throughout the game is a talking fetus who is in fact some kind of alien. I think the game was based on a comic and there was very little explanation of what was going on. The graphics were striking but the puzzles were tough and obscure. Anyway, it was a memorable experience!


Let’s see how many people know this one. I own the box but never played it myself.


Very familiar, I’m sure I played this too.


I’m afraid the blurb gives it away!


That description gave away what I was suspecting: this must be Duke Nukem 3D


Were genres still so vaguely defined in those days that an FPS would be called an ‘adventure’?




Tomb Raider was an adventure game back then. Seems likely!


And @copeknight gets it! I knew the blurb was just too obvious! :-P


I didn’t need the blurb. I know that cover even though I never played the game. I miss Roger Zelazny!

Here we go:


Yeah, it’s kind of a running joke, the blurb was terribly generic :-P
That bit you posted looks very familiar, can’t pinpoint it yet…


Sid Meier’s Railroads!