Game box art challenge?


Yeah, that is one hell of a busy box. Uh, Space Goose? I don’t know if I ever saw the box for that, but it might as well be this.


To hell with subtility!


Oh it’s Shufflepuck Cafe.


Thank God, you came back! =D


And here I thought you were selecting random words…


Yeah, same. ;)


I used to play Shufflepuck Cafe! That’s a pretty great bit of box art, actually. I like the pig with the cigarette holder.


Anyone remember this old dude?


There was even a full poster!


Hey Casey, remember to post the next frame soon.


Good call, self. I don’t think it will help them much though.


Icewind Dale II


Nopers, maybe this helps?




That looks like an Earthsiege mech. Earthsiege 2?


Crap. Sorry @SadleyBradley, I think you’re just a bit off. Given the logo, that’s gotta be Starsiege.

But you can take comfort in the fact that you gave me the clue!


You (@nijimeijer) are correct sir!


Hooray! Unfortunately, I can’t take a turn until Saturday evening. If anyone wants an easy lightning round, drop in and post!


Took longer than I thought, but here goes! I picked a simple one, since I’ve been distracted. Maybe it’ll be figured out quickly!


Police Quest 1?