Game box art challenge?




Revenge of the mutant camels




Here is the new one:


Donald Trump Gets Sucked Into The Void?


This games is around 30 years old, Trump was disliked even back then. Good guess but wrong.

Frame 2:


And here I thought you were joking


I know a Jeff Minter when I see one!




Stop trolling me, I should say imaginative guess but very wrong. Better?


King Crimson’s In The Court Of The Crimson King Online, Volume I: Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man.


I don’t think this is a Japanese game.




Don’t you guys know your 30 year old Amiga games? @RichVR ?


Oh! Archipelagos!


Good job @wavey your turn


Grumble, that would have been my other guess.


That was one of those games I read about but never played (thanks to Zzap! covering Amiga games as well), and I was sure it was some kind of sequel to the Sentinel on C64, but a quick look at the Wikipedia page doesn’t mention that at all. Will get a new box up soon.


It sure looks like the Sentinel in spirit, doesn’t it? I’m almost positive I played Archipelagos back in the day, but I barely remember it.*

*my shameful pirating youth means I played a lot of games that I barely remember