Game box art challenge?


I thought that would crack it!

I really looked for a photo of the box with the Content Warning label on it. That made such an impression on me when the game came out, because I’d never seen it before.


Okay, here goes -


No takers? Okay, next one -


Grim Fandango


Going for some bigger reveals here; didn’t think this one would be so tough. Hint: this game taught me the meaning of frustration.


GT Legends?


… no. Not quite.


Gotta be car-related. Test Drive?


Okay, bigger giveaways here -


Hah, that’s a great pick! Loved that game.

(not guessing because I don’t have the time to produce a new box)


It’s only love in the way Stockholm Syndrome is, right? Because the game doesn’t love you back; in fact, it hates the player, actively.


Well, I loved its approach to fidelity and its uncompromising attitude regarding that. Yes, that also made it harder than the real thing in a way (since you don’t have body/inertia feedback to know when the car is “sliding” out of control, for example) - but it was nonetheless pretty impressive and figuring it out (and finishing a race for the first time) was really rewarding. It was kind of the Dark Souls of racing sims. :)

Granted, I can count the races I finished in one or two hands, but I enjoyed the game for what it was and what it was trying to do.


I had recognized the car, but not the game. Still proud!


King’s Quest Racing: The Perils of Pedals


Advanced Crash On The First Corner Simulator.


I Couldn’t Be A Rocket Test Pilot, So I Did This Instead


Okay one last one before … I lose?


I still have that box in storage somewhere. ;)


Errrrrrghgghhj I don’t wanna have to post another box, so here’s the gimme -


Grand Prix Legendary ;) I nominate @Left_Empty to do the next one. He has the best boxes!