Game box art challenge?


Legends, not Legendary. Close enough! ;)


Phew! @Chappers unless he passes to @Left_Empty as stated. I’m surprised this one wasn’t guessed; I’d have thought we had some old sim-hounds on this board. I loved Papyrus’ Indy and Nascar series, and their SODA game was fun, too. Then, they came out with this one and hoo-boy, it was painful. As @rhamorim said - just completing a race - once - felt like an achievement. Such a painful title.


Not realted to Geoff Crammond’s, I guess?

@Chappers picked this one. Don’t blame me.


Nobody likes this game :(


I thought someone guessed this above, but they actually guessed “GT Legends”!

As for the new game: 2000ad the game?


Not too far!



Heavy Metal: The game?




Pffffft, way too easy. This is of course the classic 1980s game Galactic Keep


I have only opened the first box.



Theatre Europe?


Close enough, it was the unpopular sequel I had never heard about before the internet: Conflict Europe!

Basically it’s Theatre Europe for PC, ST and Amiga from what I gather. Awesome box, which really evokes World War III and the hordes of Polish cyborgs marching the Fulda Gap that were all the news back then, but have been censored since in silly later efforts like Flashpoint Germany.


I don’t think this has been posted yet.


Europa Universalis 2, but that’s not it.
Damn, it’s uncannily familiar.


Not EU 2.


Valkyria Chronicles?


Not Valkyria Chronicles.


Oh. Oh god. Oh god. I know this.