Game box art challenge?


Fyi you’re meant to type your guess in.


I’m shocked @Gordon_Cameron hasn’t beaten me to this, but… Colonial Conquest by SSI? For the record, the glorious mustaches give this one away, but I didn’t see it until just now. =)


That’s right. Far and away my favorite game of its era.


I played that game a lot, but in, ahem, a pirated version (sorry, misspent youth) and am not very familiar with the box art.


Yeah, it truly was a great game, one of my all time faves from that era. And @Gordon_Cameron, yep, I have many games that I never knew the box art of for the same reason, haha, but this one I actually bought back in the day (and still have in great condition).

I’ll think of a game and post tomorrow, none immediately coming to mind. =/


Ok, here we go!


Rockstar Ate My Hamster?


Yes Prime Minister?


In the ballpark…


SSI’s President Elect. They had at least two releases (one in 1988, one earlier). Don’t know which one this is.


It was going to be 1988 but that doesn’t really matter, either was fine. Figured I’d try something topical. Art is on the other computer, I’ll edit this thread with it in a few.

You’re up!

Edit: The revealed box art:


I’m traveling this week so I probably won’t have one posted until Saturday.

I remember being REALLY FRUSTRATED that no matter what i did in president elect, reagan always won.

EDIT: exhausted from driving. Will post tomorrow.


Another “no squinting required” special. Will reveal the company name in a day if no one gets it.


You could reveal the game’s name, in my case!


Two hints.


No guesses?


I haven’t even ever heard of the publisher :O


Oh well.

The answer is:

Empire I: World Builders, by David Mullich. Same author (and publisher) as The Prisoner


This reads like Brendon Chung’s take on Starflight (Warning: nowhere as good as it may sound).


I’ll post an easier one tomorrow.