Game box art challenge?


Hint: The box’s shape will narrow it down significantly (and knowledge about Gordon’s taste in gaming eras).


Which is exactly why i tried a PlayStation JRPG!


Next frame:


And another…


goddamn it I know what it is (proof of work: “We See Farther”) but i don’t want to do the next round.


Yeah, I know it too, but only because I googled for box art of the publisher and immediately went “oh yeah, damn, I should’ve figured that out!” Still, I came by it unfairly.



That’s a quote I would have ever thought of reading on a box.


It gets better


Indiana Jones and the really big possums




Real Postmen of Big Stelae County.


This sounds really personal.


Nah just having a bit of fun … I love the game!


end this painnnnnn


I Googled and found it. I’ve never heard of this game!


Fun co-op game from the early salad days of EA. The Escheresque level design and two player dynamic were the standouts.

Okay, I’ll declare defeat and rustle up another box when I can!


I had never heard of it (again, another game in that dead angle of computer history for me: the Apple 2/Atari 800/C64 exclusives!), and I just checked a playthrough… and well, your proposed title was not that deceptive ;)
I still don’t quite understand the cover though, who are all those people the two Indies are blessing.


It was one of two or three games that I, as an apple ][ user, was jealous of my atari 800-owning friends for.


Love the art and, reading up on it, wish I had played it as a youngster. Really neat premise.