Game box art challenge?




Pff, it’s Max Payne.


Silent Hill?


No, no and no.



Hotel Dusk?


Some weird edition of Myst?




This one with the ugly banner at the top must be the US version, because mine didn’t have that.


I can’t get to this for a couple of days at least. Anyone want to take my turn? Or an interim turn?


Okay, no one went - so here we go -


Full Throttle?


Surgeon Simulator.


Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century whatever testosterone kickassry


Jeebus that was quick. I can only assume it’s because of the weird box orientation. That or you really, really know what that box looks like.


Honestly it was one of those times where as soon as I saw it “Full Throttle” immediately sprang to mind. Any other moment and I guarantee you I’d have drawn a blank. Didn’t even notice the box orientation. The outline on the bottom side of the fire probably helped as it reminded me of the hand. Also the game was fairly fresh in my mind what with GOG giving away the remastered one for free last month. I always kind of feel bad when I get them quickly, sorry about that. =/ Great game and pick!


Hmm, Zeus?


Nope, next clue…


Next clue:


Conquests of Camelot? I think that was the name. The Sierra one.