Game box art challenge?


It is Might & Magic: Book One!

Quite a beautiful box for that era, I think. I mean, it’s just text on top of the game’s in-box map. But the map was so evocative. Looking at that map while navigating through strict gridded squares really transformed the in-game world into something that felt more real than it had any right to.


I’m kicking myself – I was just admiring this box art a few days ago as I was reading a blog about blobbers (at the Digital Antiquarian, great blog if you’ve not read it) and it sent me down the M&M rabbit hole. Beautiful box art!


The full map was better, however, as it had that “fourth elements” thing going on.

Shame the map didn’t allude to the awful high-tech part hidden in that mountain on the top right!
Now, which game featured this kaboom?


First thought was Serious Sam then a Donkey Kong variation.


I forgot to put the original files in a shred place, so this second image has re-created the cutout off the first :)



You and your damn Brit box arts!


Yes, but which Brit box art?!

(Also: It was the same in every other country, so that’s no excuse!)

Plus at least people might know Brit box arts, rather than wacky Japanese ones :P


Is it too difficult? Is everyone asleep? ;’(


Spy vs Spy 3?


One of the Lemmings? Errrrr, the first one?


Oooh, you’ve definitely got it.


Let’s go!

I always used to think he was doing an Egyptian dance.
But now that I look properly I guess he’s shading his eyes? Or is stressed and is pinching his nose?


Those bushes through me through a loop at first, I kept thinking the game was Congo Bongo or Jungle Hunt or whatnot. Wasn’t until seeing the very top of the distinctive green and yellow lettering that it finally clicked. One of the very first R* games. =)

Ok, first clue:


Centipede? On some ancient 8bit? :)


Nope, but you are right about 8-bit! This one is likely going to be really hard, but I chose it because it is a game that my brother and I played a ton growing up…


Micro machines?


Cannon Fodder?


Nope and nope. Big chunk to reveal now…


super cobra? (Featuring worms)