Game box art challenge?



(I’m pretty sure it’s not, as that was an Apache and a Jeep, but it’s the nearest I can think of!)




Fort Apocalypse?


Long-shot, but: Rescue Raiders?

EDIT: no, i think Gordon got it.


Yep, @Gordon_Cameron got it! I loved this game. Heck, most of the Synapse games were staples in my youth – Survivor, Shamus, Blue Max, etc. Fort Apocalypse was really challenging, flying the copter on limited fuel, descending into the caverns and avoiding the tanks’ missiles and such.


Wasn’t expecting to get that one. I just named the first game with a helicopter that I could think of, apart from Choplifter!

Next box:


Second frame:


Thirty Flights of Loving?




No to both.

Frame 3:


Fourth frame…


This one is killing me, even on the first reveal!


“Starbase 13” - I have no idea if that’s a game title or not.




Why, because you know it and don’t want to do the next round? :)


Good guess but no! Also not “Starbase 13” :)

Next frame:



Man, something about this screams Adventure International, but that STA 13 keeps saying Origin Systems, and that matrix or whatever on the screen looks so familiar!


Holodeck on Starbase 13?


Next frame: