Game box art challenge?


Man, I love this box! What a great choice. I have no idea what it IS, but I love it.


Obvious photoshop with obvious mistake. Everyone knows the correct way to do a list of stats is STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA.

Is this even real!?


SKL obviously makes it a fake.


Alternate Reality: The Dungeon?




I remember those numbers from AR: The City; that’s what triggered it. I never played The Dungeon but at the time I remember hearing it was better.

I’ll post something within a couple days.


Me neither. According to the CRPG Addict, it’s much better than the City. He does have his biases and blindspots, though.


Here we go.


I recognise this, but can’t think what it is.

The Humans?


Yeah same. I know that spider. She must be related to 8bits European computers.


Trap Door


Nope and nope.

Edit: The black line through the nose isn’t intentional. Just an artifact of erasing a drawing over an image with my fat fingers on my phone.


Cauldron 2?


Not Cauldron 2.


Keef the Thief



Scharmers got it.


What will happen to the thread now?!


That’s it.


I wonder if that BMW necklace thing is some kind of sociopolitical commentary or something. ;)


Is that art by Sergio Aragones or just someone channeling him?