Game box art challenge?


Has the shape of an old EA album box or Cinemaware or something but not ringing any bells… Or maybe some Command & Conquer? Dunno.


Battletech: Crescent Hawk’s Inception?






Railroad Tycoon?


Ah, @peterb almost has it.


Hmm, me thinks someone knows what it is.


Only because of @peterb; I was very, very stumped but it clicked when he posted. He gets the glory for this one!


@peterb, take your victory lap!


I’ll let you and @peterb sort it out, and apologies for not nudging earlier. Had company all weekend.

Anyhow it is a Railroad Tycoon. Which is literally the only video game that I’ve played in the last 10 months that wasn’t a board game adaptation

It really is still a fantastic game, and one of the best economic engines I’ve seen in gaming.


It’s @peterb’s turn, I only guessed 3 after he said it was RRT.


I literally just went like 2 turns ago so feel free to take the turn if you want. If you don’t want, I’ll come up with something!

EDIT: oh you went last turn. OK, i will have something posted by tomorrow. I swear before the altar of god it will be something more mainstream than an unheard-of TRS-80 adventure game.



Barnstorming 2?


Air-Sea battle?


Good guesses both! But no.


That’s very Activision Atari style, but I can’t pinpoint the game.


Bomber Command?


Ah that awesome Choplifter game with the yellow taints!
I remember being so impressed, at 5, with all the elements of gameplay.


Chopper Command!

Love those Activision sunsets.