Game box art challenge?

Squinting is totally overpowered.

As for the new one, Bastion?

Brutal Legend?

No and no

but now I wish it was ;)

Whoops, forgot to post the second last night.

Medieval II: Total War?

Well spotted!

You people are too good at this game. I’m impressed.

Guess I better update that master list soon.

I also tried to find something that wouldn’t be too easy:

Shadow of Mordor?

Mountain: The game.

50 Shades of Grey


None of those, next frame:

Did Betrayer ever get put in a box?

The Division?

Don’t be silly! Nobody has yet picked a game from this century, let alone this decade!

Rayman Legends came out in 2013.

Metroid Fusion and Medieveal 2 aren’t that old either.

The Division’s cover motif is a surprisingly good fit, but that’s not it. Nor is it Betrayer.

I hope a new frame about every 12 hours isn’t too quick: