Game box art challenge?

Craaaapppp I recognize that too…

I do recognize it! Rock Band: Beatles! for the Wii.

I personally think it’s perfect for this game.

Oh man, nice catch. I’d convinced myself it was probably a Wii title, but was at a loss beyond that.

The Beatles: Rock Band is of course correct:

Back to you, @CraigM.

Can you wikify it, like the Frame Game cheat codes?

I’ve never wikified anything, but how hard could it be?

Good luck (not that the crew here really needs it)

No guesses? I’ll give it another hour then post the next.

Die by the Sword?


delayed, but here is the promised new screen

Dungeon Siege?

The Red Dot at the top is a clue.
Gary Grysby’s War in the Pacific.

Or a red herring from the way the filter processes colors ;)

Whichever the case is, it is not either game.

Under a Killing Moon?

I like this guess a lot.

I see why you would.

But it is not correct, sadly.