Game box art challenge?

It evokes Tass Times in Tone Town but I don’t remember cards.

MegaRace ;D

Here’s the big giveaway.

Is it Forsaken>

It is!

Game boxes used to be so weird

Really, how can you forget that box once you see it lol.

I’ll try to post later.

Is it later?

It is!


Jimmie Johnson’s Anything with an Engine?

Outer Worlds?

Nope to both. Quick update before bed.


Monster Jam Steel Titans?

Nope and I had to search that to make sure it’s a real game lol. I don’t think this choice is as esoteric as Monster Jam Steel Titans.


No guesses? Have some color then!

Strider of Mana

This looks beautiful, whatever it is. It also looks familiar for some reason. And yet unfamiliar.

Nope, here’s more.


Rise of Legends?