Game box art challenge?

Holy shit, I didn’t know there were games with special appearances by Spider-man. You just made it really easy to google though, which is totally kosher, from the clues given here.


No need to google. Everything to guess it is in the picture.

Is it Maximum Carnage?

I think there was a couple of Punisher games (the one I had wasn’t bad, but had terrible UI) Maybe one had Spider-Man too.


Ok, going a little rogue here. Also, its a pic of the physical box so it’s not quite a perfect rectangle. Let’s see how it goes…

No idea, but +1000 points for the Soulage inspiration.

Spot’s First Spectrum Game?

Like I said, I went rogue just to change it up a bit…so I’ll drop a hint. It’s not exactly digital. One of the things I left showing could be a dead giveaway to the right people.

It’s not the Pac-Man board game from the 80’s is it?


Wow, really sneaky on the reveal, making us think it said “Fun Action Game”.

Haha, that was an accident during my editing and I decided I liked it. I was afraid to leave this sitting without any hints since it wasn’t a video game.

LoL, I actually had that game as a kid. I sort of remember playing it, I think it was a decent game. I’ll get a box up later this evening.

He drew a Pac-Man ghost in black in the first pic. Beautiful thing!

So, I figured I’d take a picture of one of my game boxes rather than use one from the internet. I dunno guys, this might be really difficult.

Above was a joke of course. :) Here’s the first bit, which might be enough for someone…

Here’s a finger:

I feel like I should know this one. That gold especially.

Wild Guess. Fatal Frame?