Game box art challenge?

Mickey Mouse Classics?

So using the Mac preview markup to black out the picture completely killed my will. I’ve updated my process and won’t take a week for the next frame.

Of course, that means someone will get this now.

Then it has to be The Francy Droo & Friends Collection.


I’ve seen this box before :) No guess though.

Technically Gobliiins

What a terrible box for a terrible game from a terrible company XD

I’m happy to cede my turn to @Gigglemoo if they want it; they knew the correct number of i’s.

That’s a great disclaimer on the box! Is it official? There’s an - between hard core?

Thanks but no thanks. I’m really busy right now :(

All right. Here goes. I don’t think this has been posted although—spoiler!—it has been guessed.

Wing Commander?

Not Wing Commander.


Not Loom.


Not Starlancer.

Mission Critical?