Game box art challenge?

I’ve not heard of either of those two games. Were they 8 bit things?

Henry: portrait of a serial killer::the early years::: the game

He’s using a net… to catch monkeys? What’s he doing?

So I guess the game is not called Monkey Brunch?


What else would you use to catch a monkey?!

Nope, but that’s a great name for a band.

(Also I couldn’t even read what that bottom word said)

Shoot all monkeys

You can’t shoot monkeys with a net.

Any guesses?!

Live with the consequence of your sin!

The screenshots on Mobygames look riveting. /s.


It’s Kaboom, but with a more offensive theme and cover art?

Based on the cover, it’s one of the first horror games ever made!

Can you… imagine, anyone, picking this up in a store :0

Wrong game! That’s Catch 'em (1982). This is Catch 'em (1992)!

I didn’t own it myself. But I saw it in an Amiga magazine at the time, and then remembered it when I came across it on Home Of The Underdogs a decade later.

New box:

What in the hell

Battle Isles?

Green Beret?



Def giving me Ogre vibes.