Game box art challenge?

Not Discworld! Next image -

Space Pirates and Zombies?


It is Inca!

What a strange, strange game this was. My friend owned it, and we’d take turns in each section. I never really could follow the story, since it was so weird.

Clearly the story is that the Inca were invaded from outer space by the Europeans. So they built a space ship of their own to fight back. I’ll have to check to see if that’s historically accurate.

The French game development scene was WEIRD (self-consciously so, as I understand it), and often took big conceptual swings. Inca is one of them. I remember being in awe of the box and the screenshots, and then being mystified by the game. It really just wasn’t very playable.

I don’t think I ever noticed the face in the stars before… Is that a good guy or a bad guy?

It’s definitely a guy. That’s about all I could tell you. Even if it hadn’t been thirty years since I’d played the game, I probably still wouldn’t know, given how generally incomprehensible I remember the game being.

Okay, new box!

The box you’ve posted is incredibly distinctive, at least for me. Had I not just had a turn, I’d submit my guess.

I wondered if it might go quickly. It is distinctive to anyone who saw it at the time, I wager.

How about…

Might and Magic?

YES indeed, the first Might & Magic, a brilliant cover because it’s just a shot of the brilliant map for that game. This box absolutely transports me. Nice job, lostcawz.

Wow, that’s gorgeous. I’ve never seen that before. That’s way better than later M&M game covers.

Excellent! that random red ‘e’ in the forest was the giveaway once I got on my desktop and could see what it was. I’ll try to get something up soon. Just got to remember how I made them again since it’s been almost a year.

Didn’t see this yet in this thread.

I’ll be out all day so this one is a bit more revealing.



Too quick, I didn’t even have time to post joke Dune guesses about your hand drawn black sandworm on the first frame :(