Game box art challenge?

Out of the park baseball?

Hmm, I really thought the big red thing in the middle would make it obvious. It’s all I recall about this game. Here is another.

It makes me think of Tops and Tails, but it’s not that…


Really thought this was a more known game/box. Here is another.

Pretty sure that wasn’t the UK cover art.

Edit: It wasn’t. Seems the USA got different art from the rest of the world

Aaah, that might explain the lack of a winner so far.

I have never heard of, nor seen this game before !

Boxing Fash?

Gah, I was hoping someone else would take it, but I guess I’ll have to. Jumping Flash, the not entirely successful early experiment in 3D platforming. I won’t be able to do a new one until this evening.


New game!

Eye of the Beholder?

I know this eye and cover very well. Dang this is irritating.

It’s not, but it reminds me of the ten little Indians game

It felt like it had been done before when I chose it, but not according to search.

Age of Empires: Rise Of Rome?

No correct guesses so far.

Mysteries of the Sith?