Game box art challenge?

haha, it’s true mystery of the druids had an insane looking guy too.

Maybe this will unlock more guesses:


I can’t tell what that is. A Goldfish? A rubber ducky? It makes me wish for better eyesight.

The Mysery of the Druids

Nope and nope. Also not a goldfish or duck.

Lands of Lore?

That beaker or whatever pretty much means my already fuzzy idea of what that box is just got much fuzzier.

Big clue this time


That was my thought, but I don’t remember the flask!

Star Control? I don’t have any idea what the not goldfish would be

Don’t think this is right, but it’s all I got: When Two Worlds War?

We’ll, one sure thing is you can score.




OK, no more messing about:

No idea but I’m both excited and terrified to learn the answer.