Game box art challenge?

I’m going to guess Elite but I have no idea what its box looks like.

Mike Singleton’s Starlord?

Neither. I think the Elite box was very bland, if I recall (like simply a logo). The Starlord one was awesome though!

Hithchikers Guide to the Galaxy

Sadly it isn’t.

Whoops, forgot about it. This might reveal it…

That game seems to have a tremendous popularity!

Well, I thought this was a hugely popular game. I stand yet again corrected!

Editing doesn’t seem to bump the topic. Thought I would have only gotten it from the last frame: wizball!

Hey, sorry @Left_Empty but I neither knew the game, or even knew you’d updated!

As @Pod says, edits don’t bump, so I don’t think anyone knew you had new images :(

I concur. I didn’t know you were adding new frames.

Obligatory Wizball music link

Wizball was a great game

Dang, it was showing as being bumped in my own little dyscourse dimension.

I am happy this was the problem though, because I was really scared about Wizball not being an awesome memory for about everyone, with his stupid first power up maneuvre necessary to merely play the game XD

Congrats @Pod!

It’s a shame no one saw it due to the bump-problem. The Wizball box is a great example of a complete mash of random things that don’t reflect the gameplay (though all of those elements are in the game).

If someone else wants to take my go, go for it. I’ll be busy for the next few days and so won’t have any time to do it.

(Plus I feel like I cheated by skipping from image 1 to image 5 ;))

I guess no-one wanted it? I can understand why – choosing a box is hard. They’re all so generic.

Almost certainly not, but Rick Dangerous?

Globetrotter 2?

Zoo Tycoon 2? Was that the safari styled one?

I guess it was the safari styled one!

I think those teeth were going to be the next reveal.

@CraigM you won! Hurrah.

Whoops! Saw that, got busy, and forgot to come back with a box. Umm, give me a few minutes…

Sorry about that! Good luck all (I picked an easier one as recompense)