Game box art challenge?

This is a box I own. This is a photograph. But I didn’t take the photo, and it isn’t of my box. But it is the same box art!

Total Recall?

re: The Stanley Parable. I thought we’d had that, but can’t see it in the thread. Which raises another question…

Is there a master list like there is with the game frame game?

There is.

Ultima IV?

Edit: Should have checked that list myself, as it was the very first entry XD

Apologies if it is a duplicate - I searched the thread and checked the list prior to posting. I just remembered seeing it on the front page and thought it was kind of a perfect box for the game.

New box - definite RPG vibe, an early Elder Scrolls? Daggerfall?

No to all! Does this help?

Not really.

Well, some artist hid a penis on that cover, is all I’m sayin’.

Ok, here’s a bit more:

Almost looks like World of Warcraft.

Warcraft 2?

@Gordon_Cameron Snap (ish)

Is that your guess?


It is World of Warcraft!

Funny story. I was casting about for a box to pick, and I happen to have this box on my shelf. Not wanting to go through the effort of taking a picture of it, I look on moby games… and the cover has an Elf, not an Orc. The German cover has an Orc, but my cover is in English. So it turns out that the Orc cover is actually somewhat unusual, and collectors actually want it. Some guy is trying to sell his on ebay for $90! Crazy what the Box Art Challenge can teach you.


I think I had an Orc box.

Anyway – up next.

You could purchase either one at release. NE for Alliance, and Orc for Horde. I’m not surprised the Orc one is rarer, because fuck the horde.

Too easy, sir.

Yeah, that’s Phantasie by SSI – though I think Balasarius has it first.

Shouldn’t one actually say the game name instead of ‘too easy’?

Haha, perhaps. It wasn’t that easy, I just happen to be on a SSI box kick lately – added Wizards Crown and Roadwar Europa to my collection. Love their art, Louis Saekow is under appreciated. To this day I wish they had let him illustrate the Gold Box games and not just recycle TSR art.

Take it away, whoever.