Game box art challenge?

Europa Universalis?

Nope, though that does look like it could be the English flag – and it is even in roughly the right spot for the first one, wow. Another clue:

Another hint before I head off to bed…

The colonel’s bequest?

Nope. Here’s another clue. If no one guesses correctly I’ll post another one when I get back from work, but this one may do it.

Another clue!

“Clue” :P

Hmm… Ghost Master?

Nope. Another:

Another before bed, this one should definitely help…

Pick Axe Pete?

Oh it’s a pickaxe hitting gold!

I thought it was a Volcano…

Yes! Sorry the following image isn’t the same size as the prior that I took the snippets from – that’s at home and I’m at work now.

Sorry that ended up being a bit harder, great job getting it! I tried to pick gameplay representative elements like the rocks and key before finally adding the Challenger Series logo and the 2 from the Odyssey2 logo.

Man I love the Odyssey2 cartridge look – such a great branding, that and Atari’s Atari 2600 carts.

Take it away, AquaMafia!

Yeah, kinda does look like that. That and the first snippet of his red and white plaid shirt looking like the English flag and even being in the same location as Europa Universalis’ art definitely made it harder.

Not betting on this one taking long:

Italian Renaissance painter deluxe.


Clive Barker’s Jericho?

Silent Hill Origins?