Game box art challenge?


Ok, don’t want this thread to die, so jumping back in for PreachyPreach.



Its back!

Jagged alliance 1?


Roadwar 2000?


@Pod Yep, let’s fire it up for the new year! And, nope, sorry.

@Gordon_Cameron Nope, but soooo close.


Apologies - I was hit by a cold once I got back home…


At first I thought that woman was either severely deformed, or drawn by someone with Liefield’s sense of anatomy.

Then I zoomed in and realized she’s looking over the arm of whoever is driving the motorcycle she’s on.


Some weird alternative art for Full Throttle?


Roadwar Europa?



@PreachyPreach Ugh, sorry about that – you feeling better now I hope?
@nijimeijer Haha, yeah, that’s most of the fun of this game, picking misleading / confusing pieces. =)
@Ginger_Yellow Ooooo, Full Throttle would’ve been a good one, I wonder if it has been done yet.


I will have something up by tomorrow. Since my last one was so easy i’ll try to come up with something more challenging.


Man, was just checking in and saw my post of the Roadwar Europa box art. SSI had the greatest. Don’t see many modern video games with such great art / trade dress. Art by Louis Hsu Saekow (as was Wizards Crown that I did earlier).


Were the Roadwar games any good? I had forgotten all about them until this thread. I remember playing them, but not much about them. I seem to remember getting sick of the battles that became a bit tedious.

I think I must have bought just about every game SSi put out.


I loved them, but they were definitely the roguelikiest strategy games - one or two bad decisions and GAME OVER.


OK, let’s do this thing.


They are some of my favorites. I did not like the tactical battles, though. I just fought enough to get to have more cars in my gang/fleet/posse/whatever-they-called-it. The rest of the time I used the abstract combat. It was a sort of proto-Civ for me. I liked to take over towns to try to build an empire as I was trying to find the nukes.

I probably spent more time with them than any other SSI game on the Atari ST except for Colonial Conquest and President Elect.

But, yeah, if you didn’t have a good starting place you were hosed. Lots of restarts until you got the breathing space to build up your crew to defend from the mutants et al.



(Or did that have a box that basically copied the box’s art?)


Not Neuromancer.

(Do I post another hint now, or wait some period of time for other people to guess?)


Up to you and how fast you want to move it along.

Regarding Roadwar, yeah, the combat got old after awhile. I loved the rest of the game, though. It was magic cruising around the entire map of America (and later, Europe) at that age. In fact, that same thing attracts me to the likes of Test Drive Unlimited and The Crew today. =)

Speaking of combat, I’ve often wondered if a more tactical combat RPG like Wizards Crown would fly today.


Next hint will be tomorrow afternoon.