Game box art challenge?



OK, third clue.


Man that one has me stumped completely. I’ll keep trying.


Deep Space?


Not deep space. Here come the bigger hints.

(I picked a harder one this time since my last one was guessed in LITERALLY TWO AMERICAN MINUTES.)


Looks like some text thing from a time I didn’t even know how to read my own language!


Couldn’t be some weird art for Star Raiders?


Not Star Raiders. Not a text adventure (despite the publisher).

Additional hint: on more systems than what appears on the box below.


This isn’t a Douglas Adams game published by Scott Adams? :O


I declare this round lost.

Yes, that is Doug Carlston of Brøderbund fame, and this game was one of a series of four. It’s actually quite good – I played it on Apple ][. You can play it online here, and I wrote about it here.

Since Left_Empty identified the publisher, he gets next round.


Thats a good one.


That’s not how this works: you cannot get away that easily usually ;)
If picking another one is too much of a bother, I’ll do it, but I’m curious about your next pick after reading about the previous one.


OK, here’s one hopefully harder than Missile Command but easier than Galactic Empire


Strange Adventures in Infinite Space?


Where in the world is Carmen Sandeigo ?


I get an isometric 3D vibe for some reason… Head over Heels?


My first thought – googled up Carmen Sandiego box art and saw nothing that matched. (Is Google cheating?)


I don’t think if you googled “Carmen Sandiego box art” that you would be cheating at all. You had an idea and you went and looked at covers.


Haha, true. Man, that last one killed me – I knew it was early 80s (you could just tell by the art on that second reveal), but Adventure International? That’s deeeeep.

I also thought it could be Synapse Software’s Shamus (I remember it being investigatory and ?s in the game, but I could be wrong), but nope.


BigWeather gets it! It’s Shamus. Nicely done.

I was originally going to pick a more obscure Synapse game, but then decided that was unreasonably cruel after my Galactic Saga pick.

Synapse was probably one of if not the most well-known developer for the Atari 8-bit computers; their games were ported elsewhere but they made the 400/800 series do amazing things. They made really excellent use of the chroma/luma tricks to have the color palette make up for the low resolution.