Game box art challenge?


You meant yep.

That cover is atrocious though.


Haha, holy crap! I didn’t notice it in the thumbnail when I Google’d the cover (it’s subtle) so moved on. Yeah, not a great cover – much of Synapse’s cover art was mediocre compared to giants like Atari, SSI, etc. They had some great games, though. My brother and I played Fort Apocalypse for hours and hours.

@PreachyPreach are you still following this thread? I stepped in on your choice when you were away and then sick, do you want to take the next one? If I haven’t heard back by later this evening I’ll post a new one.


Ok, here we go…

@PreachyPreach, if you decide you want to have one of my later ones (if I win one) you are welcome to it.


Space Channel 5?




Mind Rover


I rarely google, but I don’t think it’s cheating if you’re googling specific games.

Personally I like to wildly guess.

E.g. this latest one is clearly Frontier Elite 2, as that had Jupiter on the cover, as does this! (Though I remember it being bigger)


And you need to know the name of the game to google it so it can’t really be cheating if you already know the answer!


Nope on all those. Another hint:

Re: Google, yeah, I already know the name and am just trying to be sure but it does sound more fun to toss it out there and see what happens – I’ll start doing that instead.


Mindscape’s The Halley Project?


Nope. I had totally forgotten about that game! Used to love playing it, going to various places in the Solar System.


It’s very familiar, but all the violet tinted spacescape boxes always are!


I’m pretty sure you all have seen this one before – the cover (or at least the parts I’ve chosen) is just a bit misleading.

Off to work, will update again in a few hours if nobody has guessed it yet.


Adventure construction set


I had that game on the C64. I remember you could make a self-booting disk of your adventure, and it took over an hour to create it because EA put their copy protection on your game.


Yep! Adventure Construction Set. Anybody ever make anything worthwhile with it? I had better luck with Eamon. Will post final picture when I get home. On to yours, @Gordon_Cameron.


ACS is one of my favorite games despite its colossal flaws. I made a full-length RPG with it as a kid, trying very hard to make the graphics look like an Ultima. Sometimes I look back on that and wonder why I didn’t get into game design. Lately I started to play Stuart Smith’s packed-in adventure, Rivers of Light, on a C64 emulator. I love that RoL is based on the Epic of Gilgamesh, but the painfully slow and random combat system makes playing through it a slog.

I’ll get a new pic up shortly.



Looks like Mad Men for the Sega Genesis.



I kid, I kid.