Game Boy Micro Comparison Shots

You can see the size compared to other devices here.

It’s now being sold in Japan and apparently doing well according to various news reports today.


How much is it selling for? It’s a neat gadget, but unless it’s really cheap, I’d think most folks would be better off getting a DS.

I didn’t think there was much of a market for a U2 iPod here, much less Japan.

Well there’s not that many of them in the picture so…

Mine was ¥11,300, so about $102. I picked up the Famicom colored one, of course. All colors were plentiful throughout Akihabara, and nobody was sold out except one smaller store that had run out of Famicom editions. They were pushing it like crazy, with demo displays and even guys in Mario costumes running around giving people a go at SMB. Store clerks indicated they were selling pretty well, especially given they’re old hardware. The 20th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. is also helping with the old nostalgia factor.

Far more successful is Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The $300 boxes were pretty much already gone by 10AM this morning. All that’s left is a handful of the regular editions and the UMD versions in most stores. I had actually considered picking up one of the limited edition boxes for my girlfriend, but the lack of availability and the fact that the box is about half as big as I am have put the kibosh on that.

Gonna be 100 bucks when it comes out here which IMHO is 30-40 too much. I woulda dropped 60 on it in a heartbeat if it would have been that price.

I had the chance to play with one the other day - it’s too small for anyone with larger than average sized hands, that’s for sure.

114,000 units sold through during the first week in Japan. The price is $100 in America and €100 in Europe, and Yuta Sakurai at Nomura Securities says:

[Nintendo] aims to expand the gaming population, and with the Micro it wants to attract adult players, especially those who used to play games but stopped because they got busy or for other reasons. Adults have different budgets [from children].

Personally I’m not quite sure why adults who stopped playing games would start again with the Micro instead of the DS or the PSP…

Gadget lust. I personally have no practical use for the thing, but playing SMB was so irrationally great that I had to get one. The box it comes in is awesome, too.

Aren’t they going after the self-conscious “I want to play games but I don’t want to be caught dead in a kid’s gaming system!” crowd here? It looks sleek enough for a random on-looker to think a business guy is using a PDA or something…maybe…

It’s also very pocket-sized. I mean, no doubt–it’s a nice-looking piece of hardware. It’s just too expensive, for what it is. Unless you are the type of person who has to collect every new handheld version that Nintendo releases, you’d be better off paying the extra $30 to get the DS.

After all, you can’t play Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan! on the Micro.

…but aspiring lawyers can play Gyakuten Saiban on their Micros intead of doing actual work :P

Only if they speak Japanese. They can play it in English on their DS’s pretty soon.

What they’re doing with the DS version is a bit dissapointing, IMHO.

The first game pales in comparision to 2 and 3 and the only thing that I think DS adds is 1 additional case.

I wonder if you can shout “Objection!” into the Mic and have it register instead of pressing a button?

The DS version is the third GBA game with touchscreen gimmicks added, I thought.

I did a quick search, and it is a remake of the first game :)

It makes sense, since there is a fairly linear progression of the overall story from 1-3.

It also looks like it DOES have mic support for the DS. Heheh, all this time I assumed that sylus support was all it had…

Of course, that still falls under billable hours as “cultural influence w.r.t. the case research”.

Does anyone have an iPod nano yet? The fact that it’s even smaller than the Gameboy Micro just blows my mind.

I picked up a couple (one for my wife one for me, both 4GB black). We like them quite alot – each replaced a mini, which I don’t think we’ll miss. Which is telling because we really liked our minis.

Can anyone say for sure if this thing is back lit or front lit?