Game DRM Deactivation?

Returning a couple of computers. One’s dead so I don’t know what’s installed on it until I can pop the hard drive into something else, but for my desktop all I have installed is (all Steam):

Killing Floor
Max Payne
Civ IV
CS: Source
Plain Sight

Do I need to deactivate any DRM on any of them to prevent using activation amounts?

I’m quite sure Valve’s games at least don’t have activation limit. The rest seem safe as well.

None of those games have DRM with activation limits.

Thank you!
Does Portal use Steam Cloud or do I need to manually copy over the save?

Nope… backup your saves.

Portal is most definitely cloud enabled.

Huh… Weird, it doesn’t say so on the store page.

Pretty easy transfer of the Steam directory, though some games are a pain in the ass and like to be installed again (Titan’s Quest with expansion comes to mind).

But yeah, Google up the locations of your save files and options files and back those up.

The fact that anyone ever has to worry about activation limits: Boo!

If you look in your library page in list view, it has the cloud symbol.

I think Portal had a delayed activation of that feature (savegame incompatibility between PC and Mac), but now everything is fine.

As long as your games are not from Ubisoft, everything will work :P

… EA has had some of those, as well. Still don’t see any on that list that would cause issues for the op.

So does the DLC for Borderlands, 5 activation limit.