Game Genre Lifecycles

An interesting piece by Dan Cook (the Lost Garden blog guy) on game genre lifecycles went up on Gamasutra today.

Bull Market = a company came out with something new that sold really well. Make a thousand clones!

Bear Market = There are a thousand clones of this style of game, everyone is tired of them. Stop funding them ASAP!

I thought I would find this article depressing, but it’s actually cheered me up quite a bit. Everything I like at the moment has pretty much faded into the “nice” category, but it’s comforting to keep in mind that there will always be new genres…

Good article. :)

It reminds me of something I’d been thinking about lately… where do RTS games fit within this paradigm? The only RTS I can think of which has done really well lately is Age of Empires 3, which is now a couple years old. A great game like Company of Heroes has sold poorly and even Command and Conquer 3 has sold no where near expectations. Of course, Blizzard games are exempt from this structure, so I’m sure Starcraft 2 will do amazingly well. ;)