Game graphics that give you warm and fuzzy feeling

Noted. Which one did you try?

III, as it’s the one I have the most nostalgia for.

I’m still a non-zero amount of irritated at the combat calculations that made monsters of a certain level/AC literally unhittable by melee. My Ninja could one-shot things below the cutoff point and would miss 100% of the time against anything over it.

Could have been a Mac bug. That was a buggy-ass port.

The first game I played on my first real PC. Still gives me chills.

the following are mine:
Doom 2
Dune 2 9Apps VidMate
Masters of Magic
Monkey Island
One Must Fall 2097
Quest for Glory 3: Wages of War
Red Baron
Space Quest 5
Wing Commander 3

Nice list!

Still one of the best. I played each campaign so many times and enjoyed it each and every time.

Surely this thread isn’t complete until at least one person mentions King of Dragon Pass.

My warm nostalgic fuzzies:

Also, my most anticipated game ever:



I was extremely late getting a pc I could game on but really wanted to play this Myst game that people talked about. So when I got a PS1 Riven was the first game I bought for it. I was so blown away - I couldn’t believe that a game could look so wonderful. I wonder if i still have it and if it would inspire the same kind of wonder? I should look.


I don’t think I’ve seen this one yet. Lost many days to this little gem.

I remember calling my girlfriend of the time into the room and saying “I can walk BEHIND this tree!!!”…no…look…I can walk behind it!!!"

Perhaps the trickiest problem that Jeff Stephenson had to wrestle with stems from the fact that we view each room in the game from a parallel perspective. Thus the game needs to account for the z-axis in addition to the x- and y-axes to maintain the illusion of depth. Each object in each room is therefore given something Jeff called its “priority,” essentially its position on the Z-axis. An object’s priority can range from 1 to 15, and increases as it gets closer to the “back” of the room. In drawing a scene, the interpreter draws objects of lower priority after those of higher priority. Say that a tree is positioned on the screen at priority 9. If Graham moves vertically, “deeper” into the screen, to, say, priority 11, then moves horizontally “behind” the tree, the tree will conceal him as expected. Up to four moving characters can be in a single room, the interpreter constantly adjusting the onscreen image to account for their movements.

"That afternoon, she quietly packed her suitcase and left…

It took me three days to notice she had gone."

Lol…I can tell you that she was completely unimpressed.


Thank you for this! I too spent a lot of time with SimFarm… though in my memory the graphics were better. (So much so that I had to Google it to make sure it was the same game… talk about rose colored glasses!)

My sister and I used to fight over our one and only computer to play that game. I never really found another game that quite fit like it did. Everything else seemed to go simulation, or like a tiny piece of like the Industry/Railroad games or just one crop at a time stuff like Harvest Moon… but flying the crop duster felt so cool then.

Throw dagger at goat.