Game graphics that give you warm and fuzzy feeling


Thank you for this! I too spent a lot of time with SimFarm… though in my memory the graphics were better. (So much so that I had to Google it to make sure it was the same game… talk about rose colored glasses!)

My sister and I used to fight over our one and only computer to play that game. I never really found another game that quite fit like it did. Everything else seemed to go simulation, or like a tiny piece of like the Industry/Railroad games or just one crop at a time stuff like Harvest Moon… but flying the crop duster felt so cool then.

Throw dagger at goat.

Maybe weird, but those graphics make me feel like I’m wearing comfy slippers next to a cheery fire in a thunderstorm.


The start of Longest Journey. So beautiful.

And Deliverance of course, it’s just home, digitalized


So I found out why Westwood had the best graphics in the business in the early 90s: it was the work of one Rick Parks, RIP. See what he was capable of here on the Amiga. Here’s his mobygames page. Note the beautiful style of the first 2 Kyrandia games and the first Lands of Lore. I always wondered why that amazing art style disappeared after the mid 90s. Now I know.

Ah yes!


It requires not only pixels but someone who knows how to push 'em. Not easy!

Jim Sachs is another genius from the old days IMO.

I feel you! That first shot is especially jaw dropping.

Some of the Long Dark’s graphics do the opposite of giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling. This is how I looked at the end of main story campaign for Mackenzie:

I’d forgotten about those Kyrandia games!

I even remember this warning on the cover. wtf?

That jester guy’s been creeping me out for like 30 years.

Funny how everybody gets the warm and fuzzy only getting nostalgic over old shit except me and @Anklebiter who post very shiny shots of DCS.

This does certainly hold a lot of nostalgia for me, but no way would I spend a minute on getting it to work and flying it when I could be in VR looking t this:

For me, the warm and fuzzy comes from being in that vipers pit. It’s my happy place. When the world’s got me down, and the paper’s full of doom and gloom, reading about or flying cold war jets just puts me there, out of the shit.

Sims used to be easier to play. Plus, these days the “realism” in games can make me feel uncomfortable depending on the context. (Though in its day Falcon 3.0 was “peak realism”.) But mainly sims used to be easier to play.

For me there are many axes of graphical pleasure… realism is one.

It’s actually fascinating to see what they did for the Falcon series. They created a non-existent cockpit to maximize the use of screen real-estate. They included many of the radar modes, but made them suitable to use for a computer player rather than a pilot with the appropriate input scheme. In other words, despite going for realism, they modified things where appropriate, so that you similar considerations to what pilots need to do, without the specific chores and interfaces pilots need to deal with. That’s the kind of thing that seems to be missing nowadays, now that we can fully simulate these cockpits.

I typically define raging hard-on excitement as distinctly different from “warm and fuzzy”.