Game graphics that give you warm and fuzzy feeling

I love this thread. Please keep posting screenshots, everyone!

Everquest with the original character models. Especially true when it comes to the animation. I also love the many different zones and moods of EQ.

Me too! People are smarter than me, as it never even occurred to me to post or ask for screenshots.
Not sure if this has any impact on anyone else, but I love the map and diplomacy screens in ES2.

Some good old fashion Quest of Glory!


Not to shit on anyone’s childhood, but oh my god that text is a double royale with cheese shot directly into the gullet of my inner editor.

It’s more the picture that I like. One of the best uses of the C64’s three shades of grey I’ve ever seen.

Hey man, it’s not your fault I’m triggered by shitty fantasy prose, especially in video games.

Everyone thinks they’re a writer. Everyone. I’m so glad I make my living as an engineer now instead.

Outcast and Mafia and Syndicate for me, please!


In his defense, Chris Roberts was 19 when he made that game.

I preferred the original 16-colour EVGA graphics actually!

I am not going to dignify that with a response. Everyone knows that QfG3 and QfG4 were the very best QfG games out there. The remake of QfG1 and the fan made QfG2 where pretty good though.

What started me down the path of being a PC Gamer.

This particular scene. The deep blue sky, the warm colors on the windows, the excitement of discovering what lay ahead.

No need to get hostile to “dignify it with a response.” I stated that it was only my personal preference for the drawn feel.

That must have come over way more seriously then I intended. My apologies. It was meant to be taken as a joke, hence ‘extreme’ hyperbolic language.

Since this is a thread of personal interests, I dont believe there is an obvious right or wrong answer to anything here. My preference is for the version with better graphics (and better jokes).

In the warm and fuzzy department of graphics I have fond memories of vector graphics used in arcades, many of my favorite games at the time made use of them. The constraints of the minimalist graphics forced their focus on the game play and the ones that worked were very good.

Tempest (I knew and used the backdoor that gave you access to any level and 40 free games), Starwars (played it 18 hours straight with a friend to see if we could roll it, it doesn’t btw), battlezone, asteroids, gravitar (still play this on a browser version I found), Red Baron, ripoff (brilliant little game design) are all good examples.