Game graphics that give you warm and fuzzy feeling

I am not going to dignify that with a response. Everyone knows that QfG3 and QfG4 were the very best QfG games out there. The remake of QfG1 and the fan made QfG2 where pretty good though.

What started me down the path of being a PC Gamer.

This particular scene. The deep blue sky, the warm colors on the windows, the excitement of discovering what lay ahead.

No need to get hostile to “dignify it with a response.” I stated that it was only my personal preference for the drawn feel.

That must have come over way more seriously then I intended. My apologies. It was meant to be taken as a joke, hence ‘extreme’ hyperbolic language.

Since this is a thread of personal interests, I dont believe there is an obvious right or wrong answer to anything here. My preference is for the version with better graphics (and better jokes).

In the warm and fuzzy department of graphics I have fond memories of vector graphics used in arcades, many of my favorite games at the time made use of them. The constraints of the minimalist graphics forced their focus on the game play and the ones that worked were very good.

Tempest (I knew and used the backdoor that gave you access to any level and 40 free games), Starwars (played it 18 hours straight with a friend to see if we could roll it, it doesn’t btw), battlezone, asteroids, gravitar (still play this on a browser version I found), Red Baron, ripoff (brilliant little game design) are all good examples.


I love VGA graphics, and even though I didn’t really like any of their games, some artists at Westwood mastered the art form IMO. Some stuff by them has already been posted.


They tried to always include a mix of light and shadow. Look at the stairs for example.


Or the light appearing on one side of the king’s body but not the other. This wasn’t easy to do in VGA – you had to reserve the colors and plan it in advance, and nobody reached their level IMO.

I also loved what Origin’s artists were able to do with VGA, specifically in face graphics:


But I think the picture that gives me the most warm feelings is this one:


Everything about the world/setting of Dishonored is super interesting to me. I’ve played each of the games/expansions in that series multiple times and I never fail to get super into them when I install 'em.

“I’m meeeelting!..”

I am sure I could come up with a bunch of them, but definitely quite a few different ones from Ultima Online. The characters and the creatures and even the paper dolls. The backpacks all organized how you want with reagents and gear and treasure maps. Digging up and opening a treasure chest and seeing all the stacks of gold, gems, scrolls, and gear! Exploring the countryside and shopping vendors and checking out how everyone has designed their houses, and decorated them.

I will have to fire it up and take some screenshots although I am not sure I have much stuff right now to show ;).

So great.

Man, I still go back and play through this every couple years. So great. Pretty solved at this point, though.

Ah, those stiff-legged Morrowind walking animations. :)


Yeah, I must have played the campaign scenarios at least 10-times over by now. Such a charming game though, so sometimes I’ll make use of Freeplay generator introduced with ‘The Northern Expansion’ expansion to create an interesting game.

You will now excuse me whilst I glare at Paradox. Majesty 2 just ain’t quite the same, and I do not hold out any hope of seeing Paradox do something with the IP any time soon.

Also, it wouldn’t be a thread about video game graphics that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling without someone posting some Impressions Games city-builders. Whether it be the classic Roman setting of Caesar III, the Ancient Egypt setting of Pharaoh, the more mythological based setting of Ancient Greece in Zeus: Master of Olympus, or the rise and fall of Chinese dynasties in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

To quote an NPC shopkeepe from Dragon’s Dogma: “Masterworks all, you can’t go wrong!”


…And in VR. I have died and gone to heaven. Which is funny because the world has gone to P&R.