Game graphics that give you warm and fuzzy feeling

Yeah, I played all of those I listed to death. Gravitar was brilliant, reminded me a lot of Tempest because at the higher difficulty level the maps went invisible so you had to remember the landscape from memory just like the 2nd to highest level of Tempest had the entire series invisible.

And now for an arcade blast from the past:

After playing that 18 hours straight with a friend to see if we could get it to roll I had everything about this star wars game permanently ingrained in my head to the point I could close my eyes and still see it.


Even though looking at this I can’t believe how much of the screen the UI took up.

This one makes me warm, fuzzy, and incredibly tense and terrified:

Oh yeah, Xcom, never going to forget that one.

Childhood trauma in 256 colors.



I endorse this screenshot.

Get some.

I never played this version of Rebelstar but I remember looking at the adverts for it for ages in my Dad’s computer magazine and imagining what it’d be like. So for me it’s this version:


Wow, you just committed brain archeology (in my brain, no less) right now. I remember playing that game, but I had no idea that memory was there until I saw that image. Wow. That was soooo long ago.

Possibly the first free-roaming 3D game I played, I remember the exhilaration of finding a key on top of a shelf that was hidden from view unless you climbed onto another object! The joy of simple things…

Ico. I loved the atmosphere in this game so much. My husband couldn’t watch me play it though because it made him seasick.

Maxis always had a knack for creating graphical styles which could make building towns and cities look rather beautiful, especially if you went out of your way to design for beauty. Even SimCity (2013) for all its faults still has a certain Maxis charm to it, and it is one of the few elements that Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines did not top.

SimCity 2000 has to be favourite of the lot just due to childhood nostalgia, and we have the A-Train series to thank for the style that Maxis went with for SC2000.

I loved this, and played it to death