Game graphics that give you warm and fuzzy feeling

So great.

Man, I still go back and play through this every couple years. So great. Pretty solved at this point, though.

Ah, those stiff-legged Morrowind walking animations. :)


Yeah, I must have played the campaign scenarios at least 10-times over by now. Such a charming game though, so sometimes I’ll make use of Freeplay generator introduced with ‘The Northern Expansion’ expansion to create an interesting game.

You will now excuse me whilst I glare at Paradox. Majesty 2 just ain’t quite the same, and I do not hold out any hope of seeing Paradox do something with the IP any time soon.

Also, it wouldn’t be a thread about video game graphics that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling without someone posting some Impressions Games city-builders. Whether it be the classic Roman setting of Caesar III, the Ancient Egypt setting of Pharaoh, the more mythological based setting of Ancient Greece in Zeus: Master of Olympus, or the rise and fall of Chinese dynasties in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

To quote an NPC shopkeepe from Dragon’s Dogma: “Masterworks all, you can’t go wrong!”


…And in VR. I have died and gone to heaven. Which is funny because the world has gone to P&R.

I’m a sucker for beautiful, expansive scenery:

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture:

Horizon: Zero Dawn:


Ooo, good call. Always loved the evocative visuals of the Shadow of the Beast games but the first couple were pretty miserable to play.

Saw that and thought of this!

fucking excellent. Thanks man!

Ha, that’s pretty badass. Wonder if David Whittaker has seen it…

Edit: that’s the same guy playing all the instruments?

OK, that is AWESOME. That guy is fantastic.

Such an awesome experience that was… I really thought we’d see so much more like it too.

Oh yes! I’m a patron of his. He’s done lots of cracking covers so definitely check out his channel.

Yea, I just don’t understand why we don’t have more of those. That sub-genre was so popular. Maybe the difficulties experienced by Tilted Mill scared more developers away. At least we have Anno 1800.

I got really good at this when it was in the arcades, and could play for about an hour on one quarter, I need to go look up the browser version!!!

I thought Harvest Moon was kind of dead in the water for a long time aside from some 3DS based games I didn’t love and then came Stardew Valley. You never know when someone might just get the passion and the determination to bring something back so… here’s to hoping.

Speaking of which I am just in love with oggling my own current game :)

The artists at Blue Byte are amazing.

Yeah, I played all of those I listed to death. Gravitar was brilliant, reminded me a lot of Tempest because at the higher difficulty level the maps went invisible so you had to remember the landscape from memory just like the 2nd to highest level of Tempest had the entire series invisible.

And now for an arcade blast from the past: