Game Journalism 2009: The Continuing Plunge

OK, seriously… At no time is “My brother and me” correct. It is always wrong.

That paragraph’s ok as written. The single family bit could be clearer.

As a “redundant” copy desk chief, I’d like to thank all of you for caring about quality. It’s heartwarming to find readers who actually care about well-edited journalism.

Grats on failing 8th grade English.

As a full-time writer who had three mind-numbingly spectacular copy editors yanked out from under him last year, I would like to espouse my utter love and devotion for all good copy and managing editors.

Without ya’ll, I’d sound like more of a jackass than I already am.

I’ve always said I’d dedicate my first book to all the editors who have put up with me over the years.

Ok, you Nazi fucks can claim that the first person pronoun “I” can never be used in a non-objective form. But as a writer, this is the sort of argument I’d fight with you over the work table for hours and love it!

This is the sort of style argument that makes a better piece. Not to be had in word factories.

Not when it’s so fucking clear cut.

“Tell I” is worlds fucking apart from “Tell me.” In fact, the first one is fucking wrong.

Yeah… and your point in this example:

Would not read better as

It reading better is subjective and completely irrelevant, it would be grammatically incorrect, and you’re fucking retarded. At some point you might realize you’re being retarded and admit post #40 is a mistake, but I somehow doubt that.

What I decide and what we go to press with are two entirely different things. I am a writer, not an editor.

Please, the man is a writer. He doesn’t have time to worry about grammar, that’s for the stellar support staff to sort out.

“My brother and me” is grammatically correct in that context, but as an editor, I’d probably change it to “me and my brother,” which is equally correct and reads more naturally.

1Up has corrected Shelley’s name, so someone is at least reading the user comments there. :P

Why bother with copy editors when users will correct your mistakes for free?

I think we actually learn that (as a second language) earlier. No wonder he has problems with it - he learned it too late ;)

And editors aren’t infallible either. I’ve had name mis-spellings happen on the editor’s side, too.

The “XXX and I” vs “XXX and me” is super-simple to figure out.

You simply remove the other person.

[li]My brother and me went to the store.
[/li][li]Me went to the store.
So in this case, it should be “My brother and I went to the store.”

[li]She gave my brother and I the clap.
[/li][li]She gave I the clap.
In this case, it should be “She gave my brother and me the clap.”

Really, there are few grammatical constructions easier to get right once you learn that trick.

Dude, seriously? Dude.


I think at root he’s complaining because the MBAs don’t understand the business model, not because they’re trying to maximize profits. Stories/day is only vaguely correlated with profitability, but it’s easily measurable, so that’s what they bean-count.

The mba-ification of everything is a trend. They’ll pile in, run everything into the ground, and then people who actually know what they’re doing will eventually take it back.

What a ho!