Game Journals?

OK, question.

If I wanted to keep up to date on the latest game tech, and by “latest” I mean, “stuff that is under development but might not even be available for a couple of years” [Insert Duke 4 Joke Here], what would I read to keep up to speed? There are plenty of game review mags, but are there any actual journals that developers read, and that sort of thing, and what are they?

There’s a game-design site called Gamasutra ( which I’m sure would be useful for this sort of thing.

Chris Crawford published a Journal of Computer Game Design into at least the mid '90s, and I think a lot of them are available online. (For all I know, the journal is still active.)

And I’m sure you’ll find some helpful info or referrals on the web site for the Game Developers Conference (

Hope this helps!


Game mags and sites routinely run previews of games that are more than a year out. You’re not going to read about games in development until they’re announced, and then the gaming press will cover them.

If you’re talking about programming developments, I don’t know of much that’s devoted to those issues. There are probably some sites, but besides Gamasutra I don’t know of any.

I’m thinking more about game technology, not individual games, and not limited to programming.

I used to read a few sites other than Gamasutra, but I stopped because they were either over my head or not interesting enough.

Flipcode is probably the best choice of these three considering what you want.

But seriously… Gamasutra is the BEST.

The free first issue of “The Journal of Game Development” ( is being passed out at the Charles River Media botth at GDC this week. Otherwise, I read gamasutra, flipcode, articles on developers’ websites (e.g., Ensemble, Gas Powered Games), and discussions on moderated mailing lists. I’m finding articles in the Game and AI Gems books to be a valuable resource.

It’s worth mentioning that Flipcode is in limbo at the moment.


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