Game Music 2: Beyond Thunderdome


Yeah match 18, the NieR voting option should be Hollow Knight!


Ah, thanks. I’m apparently lost today. I had removed the Super Mario Bros. 2 boxart from the match, but overlooked that one. I’ve closed the poll and recreated it here:

  • Hollow Knight
  • Super Hexagon

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@JonRowe, @ArmandoPenblade, @NuclearWinter, @lordkosc, please re-vote on the new poll.


Going to leave yesterday’s matches open an extra day because I screwed up the poll. But here are today’s:

Match 19

@geggis: Cuphead - Aviary Action (Composed by Kristofer Maddigan)


@Gordon_Cameron: Outcast - Shamazaar Theme (World of Temples) (Composed by Lennie Moore; performed by Moscow Symphony Orchestra and choir)

  • Cuphead

  • Outcast

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Match 20

@Nightgaunt: VVVVVV - Pressure Cooker (Composed by SoulEye)


@CraigM: Final Fantasy VI - Terra’s Theme (Nobuo Uematsu)


  • Final Fantasy VI

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It’s that time in the 'dome when I switch my votes a lot. I may even be voting against my own submission because that Outcast piece stuck out from the beginning to me.


Woof, the Thunderdome is harsh today.


Yeah, Cuphead v Outcast is particularly agonizing.


Match 21

@ArmandoPenblade: Furi - You’re Mine (by Carpenter Brut)


@Thraeg: Tower of Heaven - Indignant Divinity ()

  • Furi

  • Tower of Heaven

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Match 22

@ArmandoPenblade: Stellaris - Creation and Beyond (by Andreas Waldetoft)


@geggis: Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP - The Prettiest Weed (By Jim Guthrie)

  • Stellaris

  • Sword & Sworcery

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There’s a Hotline Miami video posted under the FURI video. I assume it’s just a mistake?


Yep, thanks for catching it.


Damn this is a tough round. This includes 4 of my top 5 remaining tracks. I mean obviously I think my picks edge the others out, but losing here would still be an honor!


Geez this is a tough round. Are you kidding me? Hardest pics yet. WHY CAN’T THEY ALL WIN!?!?!


I love Furi, but I had to give it to that Tower of Heaven track.


Ouch. This round…


I don’t know what you’re taking about, the last few picks have been easy. Trouble is too many of you keep picking the wrong ones! :p


Last minute switch from FFVI to VVVVVV for me. Both fantastic tunes. As far as the two epic sci-fi tracks go, I think Outcast’s has a much warmer and understated beauty to it than Stellaris’. Switched my Outcast vs. Cuphead vote, again, I love both but I listen to Aviary Actions loads, even since discovering Shamazaar. Voted Sword & Sworcery too over Stellaris because that Guthrie magic is glorious and unique.


Match 23

@Soren_Hoglund: Frozen Synapse - A Functioning God (by Nervous Testpilot)


@lordkosc: Offworld Trading Company - Red Planet Nocturne (Composed by Christopher Tin)

  • Frozen Synapse

  • Offworld Trading Company

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Match 24

@Otagan: Freedom Fighters - Main Theme (by Jesper Kyd)


@soondifferent: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Icarus (Composed by Michael McCann)

  • Freedom Fighters

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Match 20 should totally be closed by now, but since it’s not, SOMEONE GET IN THERE AND SAVE VVVVVV FROM THE FINAL FANTASY NOSTALGIA MONSTER!!!

(Sorry, that’s uncharitable. I’m sure folks genuinely love the Final Fantasy track. I think as someone who didn’t own a Super Nintendo, the tonal range of the hardware just doesn’t work for me. I don’t like the Super Metroid soundtrack much, either.)


Speaking of which…

Nex Machina, Hollow Knight, Outcast, Final Fantasy VI, Furi, and Sword & Sworcery all advance!



Looks like Sword & Sworcery is the only wild card still in it (it was the highest-ranked, so that makes sense).

Quite an upset of #4 Cuphead by #20 Outcast!

Some tough match-ups coming up in the future, but I think this round was the really agonizing one. I bet a lot of people know how they’ll be voting on most of the future match ups, but we’ll see.