Game Music 2: Beyond Thunderdome


You might spot some of my messages too: Walter helpfully directed me to a checklist in my endeavour to close a huge cultural gap of mine: my total ignorance of anything Star Trek. Approaching Infinity made me curious about the series and I have been slowly making my way through it.
In short, QT3ers can’t shut up, no matter the website!

Very few games were programmed to exploit the OPL2 sadly, and usually those ended up being just muffled and awkward midi emulation of the glorious MT32 thing. I remember very few exceptions (Stephane Picq’s first Dune game’s Soundblaster soundtrack is one of them). I’d be interested if anybody had other such examples?


Reminder that you’ve got 6 more days to make your selections.


We only get 4 each, right?




@Enidigm, as a fellow Emperor: Battle for Dune soundtrack enthusiast who approves of Arkenstone getting representation in the pool, I must point out that your Youtube link is for Defenders of Arrakis while the track name in the spreadsheet says House Harkonnen (which is the next track on the playlist).


Oh, thanks for noticing! I’m still changing my mind on which track i’d want out of all of them (some of the catchier tracks are also more repetitive and less complex)… I also like a couple Ordos themes. I’m also partial to the Universe of War OST.

Phantasy Star 2’s theme is a bit more interesting, but Phantasy Star 3 uses a synth instrument sound unlike anything i’ve ever heard before or since and is burned into my brain.

But i’m leaving out great stuff from a lot of other games. I might skip Andreas Waldetoft since we’ve got him in Stellaris (the Victoria 2 OST is pretty good, but the Rome OST is kind of the gold standard for what Rome games should sound like. I’m not sure if he did the Segoku OST but that one’s got a lot going on as well) and slot, oh, something from Dragon’s Dogma or Transistor or Dawn of War.


Last reminder for anyone who wants to participate to get their picks in by Monday. @vesper and @soondifferent, you currently have empty spaces reserved.


All right, corrected my grave mistake from the first round regarding the Freedom Fighters soundtrack, tossed in an obligatory Ace Combat track and then let the RNG pick two of my six remaining viable options. Should be fun.


A purely idle question from my perspective because I’ve already submitted my nominees, but do songs/pieces that play in menus and during the credits count?
Actually last time around Portal’s “Still Alive” was allowed so that answers the “during the credits” part.


Sure. Those are still part of the game.


Thanks. Speaking of the other less famous “Still Alive” from Mirror’s Edge, I can’t remember if it played during opening sequences/menus/credits. I do remember my old-timey DVD-based version came with the song on a CD.


You won’t get a single vote from me though :E


For my 4 picks indicated above, that is?


For picking menus and credit rolls tunes. It’s like asking Celine Dion to be credited for the Titanic soundtrack!


I didn’t even play this, but I’d vote for its title screen music over a ton of in-game pieces.


Hey, that’s on my short list for Thunderdome 3! No stealing!


Heck some of the best C64 music was tape-loader tunes.


I’d argue that because it is produced by a computer and that computer will play a game, it doesn’t make that music “game music”.
I have grown in the mostly silent CPC-scape where, because of some weird interrupt-related curse, music couldn’t be produced while graphics were displayed most of the time. Title screen music was frequent, but it also was making the following silence even more striking. When there was music in-game as well, now that was such an event!

Anyway that’s just my definition, and I won’t be convinced otherwise, neener neener!


Thanks for the reminder! Out of time, so going with lazy choice of nominating more Mass Effect 2. Felt like this song would have done better than Grunt last go.


Thanks for the reminder. Got my other 2 in!