Game Music 3: A Sound of Thunderdome

I appear to have not screwed up finally, so you’re safe to vote. I’m going to lie down.

I could go either way with the Metal Gear and Chrono Cross tracks. Much like La Revacholiere, I enjoyed the Snake Eater theme more this time round than last. Makes me wonder just how many other tracks may have fared better in later rounds! Sometimes, they just land on the wrong day when you’re in a different headspace.

The Zelda theme is a classic. I’m not sure this is my favourite rendition but I’m struggling to come up with anything better (I’ve heard so many over the years!). The Disco Elysium track continues to grow on me. It’s very difficult to decide on either because one’s very familiar and iconic, the other new and more exciting/interesting because of it. It’s a good job I’ve got two days to decide! :-)

I don’t get the appeal of the Snake Eater track, I must admit - what sounds like a substandard Bond theme beating the beautiful Chrono Cross theme. But that’s Thunderdome! But I’m glad to see Katamari’s infectious chorus will live to fight another day most likely, much as I like the grungy darkness of Times of Lore.

As for the last group, the first pairing is a killer for me. I love both To All the Gamblers and Bleeding Out, for different reasons. I’ll vote tomorrow depending on what mood I’m in. I thought I liked the original Zelda theme, but this orchestral version isn’t dangerous enough to go alone. Disco Elysium remains compelling.

Yeah, in the groups stage Snake Eater did very little for me. When I first gave it another listen during this stage I found myself kind of enjoying it, to my own surprise. But since then I’ve gone back to feeling pretty lukewarm about it! It’s a funny thing. The Chrono Cross song has been growing on me though, and I do like its atmosphere.

It’s campy but I give it points for originality in a video game context. And as a Bond theme parody I think it’s decent.

In Group 7, Metal Gear Solid’s Snake Eater consumes Chrono Cross’s dreaming.

In Group 8, Katamari Damacy rolls up Times of Lore.

10 minutes to go with the current voting. Not even Late Voting Man @Gordon_Cameron can save this one though, it would seem.

Group 9: A close round, but Dusk goes forwards after Tales From Off-peak City bleeds out.

Group 10: Disco Elysium’s La Revacholiere proves too much for Link, ending the Legend of Zelda.

Sorry. Been in a child care vortex all weekend.


While I expect a lower rated song from Group to on occasion beat a higher rated song due to the different nature of the votes it’s especially interesting here as To All The Gamblers was the highest rated song from group at 4.3 (the next best is at 4.18), and it lost in the very first round to a sub 4 rated song. Being the highest rated song one would have expected it to do somewhat better than that. It will be even more interesting if Dusk goes out next round.

The only explanation that makes any sense is that it’s THUNDERDOME and who can predict what will happen? Our moods are fickle things. Believe me I had a hard time making a choice. FWIW, I gave Dusk a 5 in the group rounds, and To All the Gamblers a 4 which I later upgraded to a 5 on a second listen, so I voted consistently. :)

Also, keep in mind that there are 15 participants in this Thunderdome, but some rounds are ending without all 15 votes. I’m not complaining here, people are busy and obviously life comes first, but if, for example, the missing two votes had both gone to “To All The Gamblers” it would have won its round.

Again, not a complaint, but an explanation as to why a previously higher rated song might be missing the votes it needs to advance.

I can’t always even remember what number rating I gave a particular track (except 5s to all mine) and anyway it feels very abstract. Song vs. song is a much more concrete way to express preference. I’m not surprised the two systems don’t always line up.

Apart from In The Blood, every wildcard has won so far. The winner of GM2 was Outcast (3.59) beating out the likes of Nex Machina (4.56) and Sword & Sworcery (4.18) so I wasn’t expecting Tales from Off-Peak City to go through on the strength of its score alone.

The phenomenon is interesting though. I suspect it’s folk warming to tracks more on repeat listens. Some music can put up a fight and take a bit more effort to appreciate. This is why I try to give each track several spins just in case there’s some magic there that’s not apparent on a first or second listen. Some tracks never click though! The wildcard system allows that to happen more.

This is what I choose to believe @Hansey ;-)

Also, shoutout to @Jack_Howitzer. I see you still, voting like a champ!

Right folks, it’s time for the next two pairs!

Group 11

Featuring nominations from @Thraeg and… uh, Thraeg. I bet Thraeg wins this one. And loses.

Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep - Iain Ghlinn Cuaich

One Step From Eden - Neverending Song (Violette’s Theme)

  • Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep - Iain Ghlinn Cuaich
  • One Step From Eden - Neverending Song (Violette’s Theme)

0 voters

Group 12

@Hansey and @SadleyBradley are up!

Shatter - Kinetic Harvest

Paradise Killer - GO!GO!STYLE

  • Shatter - Kinetic Harvest
  • Paradise Killer - GO!GO!STYLE

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GAH! Talk about two champion-level tunes that are great for totally different reasons!


Haha, perfection!

I totally agree. To be fair, both groups are troubling me right now…

FUCK “GO!GO!STYLE” vs. “Kinetic Harvest” is going to break my heart. BRB creating an alt to vote for both.

Heh. I somehow missed the Thunderdomes of yore, but it’s a lot of fun. Have discovered some great new music, so big thanks to all who have organized and run this thing, hopefully there are many more in the future.

Beautiful themes or not, blood will be spilled with these next two groups. Let slip the dogs of war!

Group 13:
@Nightgaunt and @Hansey face off!

Spiritfarer - Spiritfarer

Machinarium - The Bottom

  • Spiritfarer - Spiritfarer
  • Machinarium - The Bottom

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Group 14:
@geggis and @starflightdream throw their fighters into the ring

Samarost 3 - Main Theme

Massive Chalice - The People’s View

  • Samarost 3 - Main Theme
  • Massive Chalice - The People’s View

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