Game Music 3: A Sound of Thunderdome

The Spiritfarer theme is lovely–as if the game didn’t remind me of Spirited Away enough already! The dreamy shimmering intro is lush.

I really need to get back to Huntdown. I played it on and off with a friend over Parsec, which wasn’t ideal, but we had a blast. However, my friend had a newborn so his time online reduced even further. I think between the action and us talking while playing, I missed just how cool the soundtrack is. Is this the first synthwave-y track in the 'dome? We’ve had quite a few go far in the past so that’s surprising. Anyway, I love how much drive this has and how it shifts from that kind of, I dunno, Satriani-esque(?) guitar to the pulsing synths. It gets better with each listen too. Credit to the YouTuber for appreciating and lingering on the incredible pixel art. What a great backdrop, of which there are many in Huntdown.

I think of all the ‘traditional fantasy’ pieces, the Pillars 2 theme does the least for me! Listened to it a few times and even went back to the Pathfinder and Divinity 2 pieces to refresh my mind.

To All The Gamblers is the last track on the OST but it’s just a periphery piece of music you hear at the end of a canal (just to the right of the face on the thumbnail), and you’re never required to walk down that far, let alone stand there and listen to the whole thing.

DANG I love this Off-Peak City tune! It goes so many places, like a whole soundtrack in seven minutes! I need to give these games a try.

It really is IMO, the whole thing is just excellent, there’s more of that guitar/synth mix but also just some moody sparse pieces as well.

The results for Group N are:

1= Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep - Across the Seven Realms: 3.6
1= Massive Chalice - The People’s View: 3.6
2. Tales of Legendia - The Meeting Place is the Fountain Plaza: 3.4
3. Metroid Prime - Talon Overworld: 3.18

Another draw!

Less than 2 hours before the final group vote closes, don’t forget to vote!

Well, Group O results are as follows:

1. Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 - To All the Gamblers - 4.3
2. Spiritfarer - Spiritfarer - 4.18
3. Huntdown - Heatseakers Level 2 - 3.55
4. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire - Main Theme - 3.45

And that’s it for the group rounds. We will collate the results and start the elimination rounds on Monday. The plan is to do two per day, as @Thraeg did with GM2.

So I made a copy of the original spreadsheet and kept some notes in it throughout group stage, mainly my own votes for each track as well as the final score for each track. Here are a few interesting stats from group stage:

@geggis had the highest total average among his four nominees… the average of his averages was 3.93.
In second place was @Thraeg with 3.84.

9 tracks finished with an average above 4.
48 tracks finished with an average rating of 3.x.
3 tracks finished with an average of 2.x.
There were no 5’s (that would have been astonishing) and none below 2.

For my own personal rating stats:

I seem to share musical taste the most with @SadleyBradley ; I gave his tracks three 4’s and a 5.

But I seem to be right in the middle overall; I rated higher than or equal to the average on 27 tracks. I rated below the average on the other 33.

This has been a lot of fun so far, and I’m sorry I missed the first two Thunderdomes! However, listening to all these tracks has already reminded me of a bunch of other tracks that I love, and have already noted down for future 'domes. ;)

Bring on the elimination round!

There was a lot of great music nominated! I really love the Thunderdome.

I think I had two or three second places, but nothing of mine will carry forward. Just too many other great tunes!

Looking forward to round 2!

Thanks for doing the stats! Very interesting.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that! We have several wildcards comprised of the highest rated runners up. Not only is this necessary to make up the numbers, it gives high scoring tracks that might otherwise have missed out a fair go.

Oh, very interesting, thanks for these stats @Hansey!

@Thraeg also got all his nominations through!

This is great to hear because if there’s enough interest there will be more! :-)

Anyway, to the brutal elimination rounds!

Oh, interesting! I did wonder about that, but I neglected to mark those when I was keeping track and I couldn’t be bothered to go back through the thread and mark them, hehe. ;)

Okay folks, it’s the round you’ve all been waiting for. 24 tunes enter, 1 tune leaves. Dyin’ time’s here.

@krayzkrok and I will be posting two pairs up a day with the usual two day voting deadline. Give 'em another good listen and choose which one you prefer. The tune with the most votes goes through to the next round.

Oh, and six of the highest scoring tunes that lost out in the Groups stage are back as wildcards!

You can see the bracket here, ordered by Challonge. We’ve added a ‘bronze match’ for fun as well–it’s not all dyin’.

Round 1 - Group 1
First up, it’s @Thraeg and @Soren_Hoglund:

Streets of Rage 4 - Funky HQ

Dusk - Bleeding Out

  • Streets of Rage 4 - Funky HQ
  • Dusk - Bleeding Out

0 voters

Group 2
@anonymgeist and @Thraeg:

Disco Elysium - La Revacholiere

Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep - Across the Seven Realms

  • Disco Elysium - La Revacholiere
  • Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep - Across the Seven Realms

0 voters

Any problems, ping me or @krayzkrok!

Second match-up is a real Battle of the Dulcimers (if my ears don’t deceive me)!

Man, the Thunderdome is a cruel mistress. Tough round.

Also, unless my eyes deceive me, two of my own songs are pitted against each other! The heartache!

I… uh… think your eyes deceive you! Yes.


Oh, it wasn’t a criticism! Thunderdome is tough but fair!

Argh, two of my favourite tracks in the entire Thunderdome pitted against each other on the very first go! An impossible choice. Where’s my coin?

Thunderrrrdooooooooooooome! (shakes fist)

Ok, judgment time. I was surprised that I liked the Streets of Rage 4 track as much as I do, but I love the syncopation and energy on this track. This is the second track with a saxaphone - an instrument I’m not particularly a huge fan of - that ended up being a favourite. And yet, I have to give it to Dusk, which just really matches my mood right now. It helps that I played Dusk and this level rocked with this track. I’m trying not to judge music based on my experiences, but it’s impossible for my brain to forget it. But really, I’d be happy with either track going through.

The Disco Elysium track sets a beautiful, haunting atmosphere, although it probably works better in the game than as a standalone piece. I admit the Bard’s Tale 4 piece bugs me though, because it’s neither of the versions I heard in the game (which is this in the tavern, and the better end credits version here).

Haha, honestly my original thought when you mentioned it was to just roll with it but I was hoping not to have folk or games up against themselves in the first round! This was the subtlest tweak so I don’t think it goes too much against the ‘THUNDERDOOOOOME!’ spirit, as @krayzkrok rightly phrased it :-)

But, ho ho, Group 1. ARGH. I… think I’ve got to give it to Funky HQ, as much as I love the dark heavy sound of Bleeding Out. You give me some spirited brass and I’m putty in your hands. My sax-o-meter must be on the blink because I had it at two in the 'dome, but I’d not noticed Funky HQ was also getting saxy! So that makes three sax trax in the 'dome which is pretty sweet.

La Revacholiere is hitting me differently today. I wasn’t quite so taken by it in the Groups stages but it’s a really lovely understated and melancholic piece. Try as I might, Across the Seven Realms just doesn’t do it for me. I even gave those other versions a listen that krok posted!

My girlfriend and I were only listening to a ‘hammered’ dulcimer performance the other day actually. We’d heard this guy doing Tears for Fears’ Everybody Wants To Rule The World years ago (magical) but she accidentally found a version where the same chap was jamming with… Tears for Fears. Very cool.

Man, 12 votes in on each and both match-ups at 50/50! This is gonna be a real nailbiter! I know we have 15 participants, but what happens if everyone doesn’t vote and the poll closes with a tie?

There’s no room for draws in the 'dome so I think we’ll have to start pinging folk to get in here and break the ties! :-) We’ve got another day so there’s still time yet…!