Game of the Half Year

What’s the best so far? Did I include it in my poll?

What poll?

Damn it, you interrupted my poll making! I hate this new software.

Forget the stupid poll, and just say what the best is so far.

Hey, where do I vote HOMM5?


I like Rise of Legends, but it doesn’t really compare to the sheer scale of Oblivion. And, oddly, Oblivion is the smallest TES game yet. Despite some issues it’s by far the best of the series and one of the better games ever made.

Oblivion is fantastic, yes. I was looking up games to put on the poll, such as HOMM5 when I noticed the thread got posted before I had actually filled in the poll options. Not sure why that happened. Anyway, I am mainly thinking of PC games here, but if there is some console game you really love, that’s fine too.

I don’t remember what date GalCivII was released - I think it qualifies for inclusion.

Of course I voted for Oblivion before I thought of that. Dunno if it would change my vote but it might have. Ah well.


Write in vote for Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

Followed By HL2:Ep1

Followed by Oblivion

Followed by Dreamfall

I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews of CoC, and at best some mediocre ones. Are you saying the game gets a bad rap, blackwolf?

Thing is, I agree with a lot of the complaints about the game. The save states are needless and frustrating. Their are a couple of sections in the game that are way too difficult. The voice acting can get pretty bad. And overall the game feels unpolished and unbalanced.

However, it’s still my favorite game this year. Eurogamer sums up my feelings about the game pretty well

We still have three weeks before the halfway point. No vote until then.


Really? What’s coming out in the next three weeks?

Not much.

Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War next week.

NFL Head Coach on the 20th. Titan Quest on the 26th.

And some other small stuff.


Yeah, I feel pretty confident that none of those games will contend, although I am looking forward to Titan Quest.

Rome Total War: Alexander and Yakuza are both marked down for this month in Europe. I sense slippage, however.

Hey, who’s the other dude who joined me in voting for BFME2? High five!

But what’s with the limited poll options, Robert? Man, you gotta shoehorn a brother into a few limited choices, all of them for PC? :)


BFME2 or Hitman for me.

I think I’m alone on Hitman, though.

the third post explains that. I was doing the list, when I noticed it had posted and Dave was already complaining about having no poll. I was going to finish the PC games and then add some console games. But when I stopped to reply to Dave the poll wasn’t ready, it got posted and I don’t know how to edit it :)

New Super Mario Brothers.