Game of the Month - August 2012

With summer almost over, another month has passed. What your game of the month for August?

For me , it was Dark Souls on PC. So many wonderful deaths, and just about the best world design I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I am about 70% done on my first play through as a heavy melee character.


Honorable mention for The Walking Dead: Episode 3. The series is still on track for my personal GOTY.

Sleeping Dogs, no question. Great game.

Dark Souls, both 360 and PC. Also, way too much Tribes Ascend.

My game of the month was Thomas Was Alone. A game about rectangles jumping and emoting.

Second to that was SpaceChem on iPad.

Well, what I played through most of August non-stop was The Secret World.

Was only the final week, but definitely Guild Wars 2.

Two engaging, infuriating, rewarding, stupid, and grand old-school open world games: La-Mulana and Dark Souls.

Sleeping Dogs for sure.

The first week was Caesar III, finishing up a map. Then I mostly played Beneath a Steel Sky. After finishing that, I started in World of Warcraft trying to get my characters ready for Mists of Pandaria.

Avernum - Escape from the Pit (still from the Steam summer sale) cost me a few nights, and I’m just starting to get into Distant Worlds (thanks to Brian Rubin and Matrix Games’ sale)

Finally got around playing Spec-Ops: The Line. Clunky gameplay, but great game.

Got back into Skyrim and put about 60 more hours into it. Completed the main quest and the dark brotherhood quest lines. Significantly flawed, junk food rpg.

Diablo III for me, with a sprinkling of Orcs Must Die 2

Age of Empires III and Company of Heroes. Been getting back into the RTS thing with a friend.

Aurora 4x

Gran Turismo 5 still. Don’t have that much time to get into new stuff and GT5 keeps delivering a fun in multiplayer anyway.

I was mostly twiddling thumbs waiting for GW2, but Sleeping Dogs turned out to be a surprise hit.

I got back into World of Tanks for a while, and picked up where I left off with KOTOR2 (since the finished restoration mod came out), but SD stole my time (in a good way). It satisfies in a way Saints Row 3 failed to. :/

Driver: San Francsico. I picked it up on the recommendation of folks here, and boy am I glad I did.

I think this is the most fun I’ve had with a driving game in a long, long time. The shift mechanic is just really great, the dialogue is hilarious, and the story is crazy - but it works!

The 8 year old in me loves the 80s-esque action show intro that plays at the start of a new chapter, or when you resume your game:

Previously, on Driver San Francisco…

Definitely Fallen Enchantress.

Mass Effect 3, vanguard style. Who needs cover?