Game of the Month -- December 2013

A little early, but I don’t know what I’ll be doing tomorrow or if I’ll be awake before noon. Happy New Year Everyone!

So what was your Game of the Month for December? Did you perhaps find a last minute winter sale game that caught your gaming attention?

I myself was all over the place, here is what I enjoyed the most:
Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1
Honorable Mentions:
State of Decay
Cook Serve Delicious

Risk of Rain for me

Skyrim, Euro Truck Sim 2 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Skyrim especially.

Reus for sure, even though I only played it during the last half of the month. If I had to pick one for the first half, I’m really enjoying a blast from the past: King’s Bounty:Armored Princess.

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Turbo!

Over the Xmas break I told myself I was going to finally win the damn adventure mode, and with a bunch more unlockable wagons I had lots of incentive to do so. I played twenty or thirty games. No dice. I came SO close, I think, although I don’t really know what the end-game is like. About to go try some more. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, you shall not see 2014!

Probably Race for the Galaxy for me, with Terraria on Vita being a close second.

Not exactly gaming but I did get a unit of Knights Exemplar for Warmachine painted up in December.

Happy new Year!

I’m playing Wargame EE (yeah, better late than never) and Pixeljunk Shooter.

Man, I played a lot of stuff that I’d put in here this month. Along with the usual Vampire Savior and new regulars Pokémon X and Spelunky, I quite enjoyed The Wolf Among Us EP1, Ys Origin, Ys I, Ys II, Marvel Heroes, and even replayed Ghost Trick.

January preview: A bunch of Xbox 360 JRPGs! More Ys! The Wolf Among Us EP1 again if I replay it with different choices! Genesis games!

Assetto Corsa early access would be making a late push for my favorite game of the year if I only had enough time for it. Maybe I’ll count it as a 2014 game, but the competition will be much fiercer.

Dishonored The Brigmore Witches DLC. Thoroughly entertaining.

Started playing the new Shadow Warrior game. Like everyone says, it’s better than you think. That should be its tagline.

I’m back to the original Everquest, once again. 3 boxing currently and really enjoying the meta game that is putting together box teams and pairings…so much fun. Still my favorite game of all time. The amount of content in this game is staggering.

Lots of stuff to play thanks to the 2 sales last month, so no single game has absolutely dominated my time.

My December favourite came as a last-minute entry and would have to be 7 Days to Die, closely followed by the quite excellent Blackguards and then my recent old reliable fall-back State of Decay.

Time wise it looks like WoW racked up the most time as I jumped back in at the beginning of the month. I spent a fair bit of time with Terraria as well. Football Manager 2014 and Hearthstone have also been played quite a bit this month.

E: Oops, forgot to mention Pinball FX2.

On 360 - Lego Marvel

On PC - Saints Row IV dominated my time with a bit of Guild Wars 2 tossed in.

I knew I should have picked up Blackguards during that flash sale, I hope it pops up one more time, I’ve heard nothing but good things in regards to it.

I don’t see any space games… :|

Yeah, a tad bit burnt out I think.

Absolutely State of Decay.

I’m convinced that Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has been squatting in a broom closet at Nintendo for the last decade, emerging only at night to gather up all the fun and respect for the player’s intelligence that had been cut from the series and replaced with handholding and obnoxious control gimmicks. It’s the only explanation.

Ys Seven lost the snappy pace of Origin and Oath in Felghana and is a lesser game overall, but it’s still been a perfectly cromulent way to pass a stationary bike session.

At home, I’ve still been on a brawler kick, wrapping up Viewtiful Joe, and then launching right into Bayonetta, both of which are excellent.

And I still do a session of Hearthstone every few days to clear out any quests that have popped up with some Arena play.

State of Decay. I lost 41 hours in it.

Forza 5: Amazing. The best of the series by far. One of the best racing games of all time.
Papers, Please: Still playing it, I’m kind of blown away by the unique interface, the music, the graphics even.
Stanley Parable: One of my favorite games of the year. So good.
Gone Home: A quiet, understated kind of game experience. I loved it. Another favorite for the year.
Killzone 4: You know, it’s actually kind of good. Only about half way through though, and the Eurogamer review said that it doesn’t follow through on its potential.
Ryse Son of Rome: Huh. I’m actually really enjoying this. I had no idea Crytek could make a game this good. I knew they could make attractive games, but Far Cry, Crysis, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, all left me wanting something better. Maybe it’s because my expectations were so low, but half way through this thing, I’m really digging it so far, in a way that I didn’t with any of their other games.
Bioshock Infinite: Picking this back up is a mixed bag. I’ll expand on it more in the proper thread when I get the time.
Resogun: I’ve never played Defender (as far as I know, it could be that I played it without knowing its name), but I’m really liking this one.
Powerstar Golf: A nice relaxing golf game that lets me play asynchronously with people on my friends list. Great idea!
X-Com Enemy Unknown: Man, this game is so hard even on Normal. My previous 3 attempts at this game were woefully unsuccessful. I’m treading VERY carefully in my fourth game. Ironman only, of course. The mission where you meet the new kind of whitish enemies is the one where my entire team always gets decimated. We’ll see if I can live through that mission this time. Great game, even if I never successfully finish a game.