Game of the Month -- February 2014

So what was your Game of the Month for February , was it something you recently bought, or a backlog game you finally got around to playing?

A late entry, but winning GOTM status for me was THIEF . I have only 4 chapters finished (18 hours played) but it has me hooked, I’ve done every side mission I could find, and the looting and city design is fantastic. Just wish the loading “windows” had a little less button mashing.

Honorable mention goes to Dead Space 3 and its Awakend DLC , I finished it around a week ago. I really enjoyed the game up till I had to go deep down into the ice planet, the space portions were fantastic. After that it felt like a slog to get to the end, the story was weak imho.

And a 2nd honorable mention goes out to Anno 2070 , I finished the main campaign and recently started the Deep Ocean DLC. SO GOOD.

So what was your game of the month?

Marvel Puzzle Quest, followed by TOME, with an honorable mention for Marvel Heroes.

Terraria, can’t believe I never played it before.

Bravely Default snagged the majority of my gaming time last month, and I’m still in Chapter 3. What a great throwback to the roots of JRPGs with modern sensibilities and conveniences that make everything less tedious and a fun battle system to tweak/exploit. It certainly doesn’t feel like I’ve put nearly as much time into this game as I have.

EVE. But we’ll see if it survives into March. Things are a bit hairy right now.

Bravely Default. I also played some Marvel Heroes, and there was a strong late re-entry by Diablo 3 (but too late for serious consideration).

Definitely Jumpgate, which just owns my soul. Then Starpoint Gemini 2, which is coming along swimmingly, followed finally by TIE Fighter.

My GotM is TxK, and it will stay on my Vita forever.

It is closely followed by FTL, which had been on my backlog for over a year. After 2 weeks, I think I can put it away…but everytime I start a game, I cannot stop until it’s dead.

Honourable mention goes to Loom. This is indeed a short adventure game…and not exactly sweet. I got stuck twice, even though this is supposed to be very easy game. Thanks to a previous post here in QT3, I was able to abandon the Steam version and play the superior FM Towns version. I discovered that I really need subtitles and text in my game exposition.

Dominion 4 for me, followed by Planetside 2 for the sheer ooomph.

I am probably forgetting something, but going from memory:

Everquest Next Landmark probably took most of my time this month. I worked my way through all of the pick tiers and most of the stations and made a first attempt at a house with the new building tools. I would be playing it a lot more right now, but I am waiting for the transition to beta or the addition of caverns before I put more time into it.

Dominions 4 was a close second between the kick off of our QT3Ascendancy MP game and doing some testing along the way.

Might & Magic X - Legacy was a late charger when I finally got through the initial town and got out adventuring and fighting. It is a lot better than I anticipated and once I started it last Sunday morning, I couldn’t put it down until I had finished Act 1.

Marvel Heroes by a mile. I jumped back in after I quit on this game right after launch and I’m completely hooked. Could see this being my game of all the rest of 2014.

Also finally finished Guacamelee on my Vita and played the first 2 episodes of Wolf Among Us which i’m enjoying as much, maybe more than the 1st season of Walking Dead


Honorable mention to Total War: Rome 2.

Command & Conquer: Renegade in preparation for Renegade-X. Honorable mention to the beta for Ace Combat Infinity.

Despite the fact that I finally got a PS3 this month (yes, that’s a “3”), my game of the month had to be Fairway Solitaire. Yes, I was busy with other things in February. But bring it on, March! There will be Red Dead Redemption! Tomb Raider! Other stuff!

My favorite thing I played in February was easily the Left Behind DLC for The Last of Us. Next to that, probably Euro Truck Simulator 2 with the Oculus Rift.

Bravely Default
Banner Saga
A little bit of the Hex alpha

Diablo 3 2.01. Best patch ever.

Star Trek Online has been taking up most of my playtime lately. Lots of new stuff to do. It’s really matured since it started.

Pulled Tomb Raider off the backlog, and it had a big impact on me this month, but not in a good way. Outside of that, Hearthstone, since I could easily play it on my laptop while I was away from home. And I had a surprising amount of fun with Rev Ersi Quest on my tablet. It’s a very grindy JRPG at its core, but the battle mechanic of playing Reversi with an army as your pieces really grabbed me.

I agree, it was good enough to get me to pre-order Reaper of Souls!

All space games, all seems right with the world now. :D