Game of the Month - February 2022

For me it was finally getting around to Raz’s adventures.

Psychonauts 2!

Yep, I bet there’s a very good chance she’ll like Wytchwood a lot!

Also: Why aren’t you following that thread?!?

I thought I was!

Since it launched on the 17th, Total War: Warhammer 3 has been my jam. I completely understand why a lot of folks are bouncing off it hard though. Its campaign mechanics still need some tweaking, though I don’t think it will ever be enjoyable for some people. It reminds of the time I played Victoria 2 and my ambitious Austria ended in a loop of constant rebellions (too much “bad boy,” nationalism and fascism).

Before that though, I had some great fun with a fairly popular (according to Steam) and casual game, Vampire Survivors. Not much to say as the gameplay is pretty simplistic but it is addictive.

I also really enjoyed Rogue Fable III (also on Steam, I guess there is a free web version too). I had never done a game actually like Rogue, though I have played many, many games labeled as roguelikes. It got me to try Tales of Maj’Eyal but Rogue Fable III is a much shorter game (maybe about 1 - 1 1/2 hours per run) and much simpler. I will return to give Tales of Maj’Eyal a real playthrough but Rogue Fable III is just so easy to pickup and play right now. Plus, my game brainpower is currently being spent on Warhammer 3.

I was all about making a dent in DA: Inquisition. Finally at a place where I found a good balance of advancing the story and doing sidequests and requisitions busywork and was having a blast and then Elden Ring came along and took over at the end of the month.

March’s Game of the Month prediction for myself and at least 20 other QT3ers : Elden Ring.

I spent a lot of time on Bravely Default this month. A cool little jrpg for the first 20 hours, but then it devolves for what seems to be the second half of the game: the carefully crafted balance bottoms into health spongey enemies, charming characters become stereotypical and boring tropes… until, TWIST! it turns out it’s not even half of it, and the rest of the game adds a nonsensical stupid plot on top of it all. What a waste, snif.

I got better and I got out of bed, thankfully, and I could play a lot of Thunder Dragon 2 - one of the best classical arcade shmups ever, in my opinion and Koudelka.
Koudelka was recommended by a fake friend who actually hadn’t played it but was curious about it. I remembered thinking it looked like a stupid Resident Evil clone back then. It totally took me by surprise then that it was actually an adventure game, with a tactical battle minigame just there to show how awesome priests really are. The graphics were very good, with beautiful stills, easy navigation, and quite impressive dynamic lightings that really create an atmosphere. But the best part is that it is probably one of the best voiced games I ever played. The actors are giving it all, the script is super good (in English! in the Japanese original game! What the!) and even the animations of the characters are highly evocative. Truly a wonderful experience for the short time it lasts (less than 10 hours all in all), and a game that was, as the saying goes, way ahead of its time. So ahead there are very few games that are that elegant to this day, in my opinion.
Same fake friend told me to go with Shadow Hearts, which is a game I had bought many years ago for whatever reason. So that will be my homework for next month, although I’m tempted by a couple of other things…

Game of the month, Koudelka, here it goes.

I mean, it’s a JRPG, and Shadow Hearts is very a JRPG, but yes. It’s neat.

My local Half-Price Books was selling a copy of Shadow Hearts for $200. That’s crazy.

I tried to get in to so many games in February and bounced off all of them until I settled back into Pathfinder: WotR for a third run.

Here’s the list of other games I tried that didn’t keep me. Doesn’t mean I won’t go back, just that they weren’t able to overcome my distracted mind.

  • Inscryption
  • Red Dead Redemption II
  • Old World
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance

In my mind, all of those are great games for different reasons so I will be getting back to each and every one of them at some point.

But, with the launch of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons on the 28th and GT7 Friday past, it’s going to be a while.