Game of the Month -- January 2014

Brothers and Papers, Please, as well as BioShock.

It was only out for the tail-end of the month, but Might & Magic X Legacy is pretty much everything I had hoped, and I’ve been completely absorbed in it at every opportunity.

Before that, I was continuing my melee action game kick, finishing up Bayonetta early in the month, and moving straight into Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

And in my portable gaming time, I wrapped up Ys Seven, before shotgunning a couple lighter games in Sine Mora and Velocity Ultra.

Even with all my new Steam sale games, my January has been dominated by the free to play Hearthstone.

I got pretty serious with Crimzon Clover and UnReal World. Nothing else kept me interested too long. Just cranking games out before my wife goes into labor.

Persona 4 Golden (currently in Heaven, going for max social links in my first playthrough on hard) and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 1 (chapter 3).

Broken Age, followed by Dota and Portal 2 Workshop test chambers

Er… DuckTales Remastered.

I played through it with my daughter and had a pretty good time!

Skyrim GOTY edition. Still haven’t come close to beating it, and then there are all the wonderful mods. Actually, OT, but what are some good mods that won’t change the game play, but will add a lot?

Persona 4 Golden. I decided it was time to wrap that sucker up and I think I am getting close. Absolutely fantastic game!

Crusader Kings II, same as last month… and the month before that. Well I had some Europa Univeralis in there somewhere, too.

Saints Row IV. I originally ignored that because of all the people elsewhere saying it was just a reskin of Saints Row the Third. Glad I gave it a try. First time in years that I wanted to rush to complete a long game, and I’ll be replaying this again someday.

Brothers was nice as well. I really liked all the environments, and the weird controls. I also finished up with Duel of Champions, getting to the leaderboard ranks where everyone is playing decks that exploit awful game mechanics to win. Had a fun 100 or two hours with it before then though, and I’ll be revisiting it if that stuff gets changed in the future.

Thanks for adding another game to my backlog. It’s hard enough keeping up with the cool mods for NWN 2, now I have this!

I’ve actually never played Empire at War, but this mod has me installing it right now.

Skyrim: I was hesitant to get into this because I really didn’t like Oblivion, but the price and timing was right to see what all my friends have been raving about. I did actually like it a decent bit, and I’ll probably go back and play a bunch more when I have the time. I ended up getting distracted by…

Tales of Xillia: I’ve been feeling like playing a full blown console JRPG lately, a genre that I really loved ‘back in the day’ but that I have had a lot of trouble getting into over the course of the PS3/360/Wii generation (only played Xenoblade in the past three or four years, and I didn’t even manage to finish that). Xillia at $10 in the PSN sale sounded about right, and it really hit the spot. Not quite an overload on Japanese ridiculousness combined with fun characters, a decent development system, and a refreshingly not-too-long main plot (I could have been cleaning up the primary boss in the 30 hour range without all the side questing, and as it is I got into the post game with most side quests done before 40, with no walkthrough). I’m sure there’s another 30+ hours here if I want them between post game and replaying with the other main character, but the pace of the playthrough felt just right.

Might and Magic X:Legacy and Starbound